A Trick

Once upon a time, I came upon the idea of a poem for food. Or something.

I’m going to apply that to Halloween.

In a lollies-free house, the kiddies would have to subject me to a recitation of Literature. Shakespeare, for instance. I don’t generally startle easily, and so I would be shocked to find a couple of kids on the doorstep reciting Othello. It might even scare me, depending on the lines quoted. Iago’s awesome, but just a tad menacing. (This is a dude who convinces his friend that his wife is being unfaithful, based on a strawberry-spotted handkerchief. See? Menacing)

Also, the sheer awesomeness would still not inspire me to find some treat. I am a Halloween Grinch.

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Alrighty, here we go.

It’s one hour and 11 minutes until November, and with it NaNoWriMo 2014 kicks off. Admittedly I don’t know what my novel will be about, but I know I’m doing a solo effort and the collaborative one with Co-Author, who is planning for midnight.

This is to alert you guys now, there will be patches with missing posts. I’m also going to do NaBloPoMo (is that still a thing?) and look for a job. I’m also going to be working on my poetry some more and I’ve decided on a two-part novella/short stories thing, call it a series.

Also, I’m on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, all under “tuckedintoacorner”. There, I shall be posting updates, sharing/re-tweeting and whatever else takes my fancy. Updates there will be a lot more reliable on there than here.

Oh, also, please don’t expect too much original creative work next month. I have maybe two poems stockpiled, and I imagine prompts and writing challenges will make up the bulk of November.

I decided to spontaneously create a little mini-event, just for me: NaNoFanFicMo, where I make a real effort to make a dent in all the fanfic ideas I have lying around diligently copied into notebooks (and that numbers in the hundreds)

That’s about it. Good luck to everyone participating in one of these things, and may the words always flow.


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it’s a night to realize.

cold air spills from the
open fridge jolting me awake.
my thoughts run clearer now,
though the spell is temporary.

harsh white light is blinding
against the darkness of 3am.
ease the door shut quietly,
break the spell and sleep.

it doesn’t work like that
though because now’s a realization.
eyes sting with chilled tears,
you were never actually here.

in love with an idea.


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The Zodiac According to Me

First up, I don’t believe in horoscopes. I find it daft that a person’s date of birth determines their character.

In saying that though, this is right up my alley.

My birthday is mid-June, and I’m kind of a mixed bag. With some people, I’m confident. With others, I’m shy. I might be happy to meet new people, or I might slink into the nearest corner with earphones and Ignoring The World vibes. I can pontificate on things, or I can be almost silent, cryptic in one-word replies. The Sarah-zodiac person is creative in some form, be it writing or painting or making jewellery. Maybe they’re a renaissance person, interests scattered across half a dozen subjects and maybe they had trouble deciding definitively on their major.

They also are fiercely loyal to family, and to those they call friend. They’re sometimes a bit quick to temper and can be a walking mass of contradictions, and they admire people for their intelligence, not fame. Odds are they’ll shun reality TV in favour of old sitcoms and mystery/drama/supernatural and take on four or five projects at a time just because they can.

Also, please don’t ask me what this sign is called. I haven’t a clue, but I welcome your suggestions.


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Doppelganger Tales

This prompt is a little more on the nose than it realizes.

See, I actually have a doppelganger already. I’ve probably told this tale a few times already, but here’s the gist: A girl I knew in high school looked similar to me, and people mistook us for each other. We have both been out of high school for years now and still people sometimes get confused. Looking back, I think it’s just in general that we looked similar, but the point remains.

OK. Glad we got that out the way.

So, I’ve entered the home of Joe Bloggs (no pun intended) who is my casual acquaintance. His home is totally identical to mine. What happens next?

Well, first I would demand answers. I can be very persuasive when I want answers, and I am quite willing to badger with my questions until I get the desired result. I would become a parrot, if you will. This is because I am sometimes a suspicious person and a bit wary of people I don’t know well. Maybe Mr Bloggs has been following me around, and maybe he has entered my home at some point for interior design tips.

Chances are I would then stalk out and rearrange my own home; I don’t know yet who is mimicking whom, do I? So I rearrange my belongings, and I come back to Joe’s. This way I can see who the copycat is. Either way, I would promptly cut ties with him, and possibly look into moving to a different place.

Oh, and then I would get some new furnishings together, because what better excuse for a shopping trip.


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On Beginnings and Parrots

This is a beginning.

It’s late 2012. We share a class that I grudgingly go along to for the sole joy of getting to see a parrot in action. It’s during this time I come up with an idea for a Twilight knock-off. A love story written between two writers. One takes the male point of view, the other the female. It lasted a few paragraphs before dying away as interest in the story didn’t last very long. Never forgot it though.

This is a beginning.

It is November 1st, and the race is on. 50,000 words in 30 days between 2 writers? Piece of cake. Having a coherent story that’s told out of order, backwards as well as forwards, jumping about in between? Well, that’s a lot harder to do. How easy is it to keep track of a story that’s not told chronologically?

This is a beginning

It’s late 2011. I’m sitting in my English tutorial when we get randomly grouped together to discuss Pride and Prejudice. I proceed to riff on how the story could be improved if you replaced Mr Darcy with Batman, and how Twilight could benefit significantly with added sentences such as “said Bella, as she was trampled to death by a herd of elephants”. Sentences that are never brought up again, just randomly inserted into the story to jump out at the reader. The girl who is in the group is quiet, but intelligent. We end up striking a conversation and a strange, unusual friendship.

This is a beginning.

A small New Zealand town is wiped off the face of the Earth, as if it had never existed to begin with. There are no survivors bar two, who can’t offer much in the way of an explanation. It comes down to just a small group of people, led by a minister, to try and decode what happened and how to stop it happening again. To find some sort of answers before it’s too late.

This is a beginning.

There were strange lights in the sky. It was odd, since there seemed to be no explanation nor confirmation by the outside world. They just appeared one night and disappeared the next morning. It was quite unusual.

This is a beginning.

This is a start for a whole new chapter in their lives… one that would not be going the way they planned. Sometimes the truth is better left unsaid.

This is a beginning.

I’m bored, as I often am. I strike up a conversation with someone I hadn’t talked to in years. I bring up the concept of the dually written novel again and, as if guided by some unseen hand, a new plot takes shape. A plot featuring not only a murder mystery, but a commentary on life and society in general. An examination of writing in this new world we find ourselves in. The very place you’re reading these words says a lot about the person writing them, don’t you think?

This is a beginning

And you’ve just started to read this post, waiting to see what I have to say. Who says all beginnings have to start at the start, after all?


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Colour Schemes

I can’t begin to imagine the world dulled to one colour.

Nor can I imagine having colour restricted to one patch of the world – watching thirty minutes of a TV episode in black and white is quite enough for me. And even then, it was because the black-and-white was a hallucination: the episode began and ended in colour, but the body of it was black and white.

I just can’t fathom it. I’m used to being able to Google-image colours and what objects they might be, used to using extra words to describe the shade of something. Colour is what makes things interesting; clothes and books and all sorts of things. Imagine having a line of books on your shelf in this colourless world, just an endless row of plain white with black font. Doesn’t that sound dreary?

I have kind of a low boredom threshold to begin with; stripping the world of colour would send me into a boredom stupor, I think. With this in mind, I refuse to force only one of my objects to retain colour and bleach the rest.


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