the desert

in my dreams, i envision a place.

i’m here, surrounded on all sides
by openness.
the desert has nothing
to hide.

i’m there, walking through the 
maybe the desert hides just a 
few things.

i’m back here again, in this
bland sameness.
hills in the distance keep their 
own secrets.

and this is just the surface.


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From the Ground Up

I may have mentioned this, that I have a friend with whom I’m going to collaborate on a novel?

Well, in the past few days I’ve begun my non-existent map-drawing skills. My maps are just squares with places on them, they are no map that you will ever find in an atlas.

I’m drawing a map, guys.

I’ve also learnt a bit about significant numbers and how they can play into a story, and I’ve been piling on the Google searches to find clever names. 

And we’re building a town, one block and street at a time. Creating a history and filling in the blanks of who lives where and what they do. Planning what happens and spending hours discussing online. Bouncing ideas back and forth as if they’re volleyballs. Mapping out on spreadsheets and Google docs plots and character lists and picking out cunning names because it’s a subtle reference to Old So-And-So.

We’ll do the first draft in November, for NaNoWriMo, and take it from there. Alternate one perspective with another, I’ll write some, he’ll write some. And so it goes. Two more months of magic planning and scheming.

More to come.


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Pain and Gain

Yes, I do believe this.

Story time: I spent many a day in the library, bent over books and curled up in a fairly uncomfortable chair. Here, the physical pain: sore shoulders from a heavy bag, sore eyes from lines of tiny print, cramped hands from writing and highlighting and typing.

Physical pain: the tiredness a particularly dry book or lecture can inspire, the weariness that comes from two bus journeys stacked on top of a full eight-hour day (a rare event, I grant you, but the principle remains the same)

And now I have a degree.

If I choose, I can go for post-graduate in a few years. I can work my way up, keep studying something I love.

I could carry on with writing, having met a friend with whom I’m planning to collaborate on a novel that may become a series. 

Other pains: dragging up old wounds to exorcise them on paper, producing a story which someone might read and admire. Feedback. To me the saying is kind of like saying you want to make an omelette but can’t break the eggs.

Sometimes things have to be challenging or hard or painful to get the desired result.


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Before Dawn

How many times am I up for sunrise? I can pinpoint exactly how many.


Once, for my dad’s birthday. Once, if I’m very excited, for my birthday. Once, for Mum’s birthday. Once for each of the parent-celebrating days. 

See, I’m not a super-early riser. One time I had to get up very early on a school field trip. Being up very early makes my eyes hurt and droop, and I find it difficult to stomach food early on. I have sometimes wondered what it would be like, to do the opposite and pull an all-nighter, watching inky black sky bleed to… what colour is the sky at dawn? Gray? Orange?

Added bonus, it’s winter right now, filtering to spring. Being up in cold mornings is never fun, from the times I had to do so at school. And so when I do get up I think mournfully on the coffee I can’t bear to drink so early and yawn, yawning discreetly into my palm and blinking to stay awake. I’m a night owl, stay up long hours and sleep. Being in the limbo of ended study and looking for work makes this very easy.

One day I’d like to pull an all-nighter and do what Andy Warhol apparently did: have a camera on the windowsill, constantly running, to record the shifts from dark night to soft morning to bold sunlight.


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In Conversation

This admittedly isn’t about an in-person conversation I heard, but it does involve a conversation, and I was quickly interested. 

So in a Facebook conversation, a friend suggested we collaborate on a novel. He had ideas, I chimed in… Basically we’re now going to write one novel, with the potential for another two if there’s interest. Once upon a time we tried to co-write, but it fell through early on, I don’t remember why. Still, in the past thirty-six hours there’s been documents shared on Google docs, and a marathon brainstorm session, and even as I write I’m flicking screens to the Google chat where I’ve offered to craft a basic map.

Basically we’re going to write this novel together, and we’ve got other projects on the side. More info to come.

November can’t come fast enough.


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So today I had a little trophy in my notifications.

Turns out it’s been two years since I began blogging here. My blog is now a toddler.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading and commenting and liking what I have to say. Thank you for being encouraging and friendly. Thank you for a lovely blogging community.

Here’s hoping there will be many more posts to come.

Update: I’ve changed the theme. If today is my blog’s birthday, changing the theme is a present. This will be an August 28 habit every year I blog.


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I was pretty much ambivalent about returning to school.

I used to get really excited about going to classes and learning things; it was the people that made me nervous. Sometimes there would be a new teacher, who I didn’t know. Other times it would be the same teacher, and that could be good or bad.

Now I’m older, I don’t mind the end of summer, though that won’t happen for another eight months approximately. For the first time it doesn’t indicate a return to study; this time it’s an indication of hopefully having a job by then. My end-of-summer attitude, while in school, remained steady: enthusiasm of returning to school and study.

Maybe someday I’ll go back.


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