We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programme

Alright, this would normally be where I yap on about the week’s progress on Collab Novel 2014.

Thing is, I’ve been busy plotting mischief and knitting things, and Co-Author is “busy with essays”.  He’s begun talking about doing things “off the top of my head” which causes me to fret. I like planning things out. Seriously, I already know what I’m going to post on Facebook tomorrow, and how I intend to further nefarious plots figure out what my next move is.

As for my side, I’ve been anticipating tomorrow. I’ve got my gown and accessories and everything figured out (see, I plan things), my gown is hung on the back of my door with shoes and a second outfit nearby, and I’ve already mapped out the rest.

I’ll come back to yap on next week.


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Balancing Act

I agree with this.

My first analogy was going to be chocolate but then again there’s a bar sitting in front of me, so let’s go with language.

I began learning German years ago; eight, I believe. Possibly even nine. Anyway, I found it very easy at first – you know, the beginner’s stage where you learn greetings, discuss the weather and talk about family. I focused on it, determined to master it. And so I kept up the revising, practicing in class with the hesitation that comes with using your second language.

Then I got to university and did a couple of intermediate language courses – much of it was just revision, to me, and I was grateful for the refresher. This is about the time I began trying to read whole books in the language, and it made me frustrated and sad that after six years I still couldn’t get what the book was saying – or I could if I read the English version as well, in which case it was like snapping together jigsaw pieces.

So with too much practice I made myself disappointed and upset that I didn’t have a better grasp of the language. And I sort of lost a bit of enthusiasm. Rather than delight at mastering a tricky word I looked at words as things to be Conquered, to be Memorized and Locked Away in the safe of my brain.

With this in mind, I agree that too much is about as bad as too little.

If you invert my early language study habits, and take it as doing too little, I imagine you’d lose interest and eventually find it harder to gain fluency, and I think you can apply this too little/too much to virtually anything. Too much revision feels like cramming the words into your head, which I find sad.

Too little is like placing a butterfly on a flower and letting it fly away as it pleases.


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the witching hour

one swoop and it’s midnight.

light dances in the air
sending messages to and fro.
carrier pigeons put to shame
they never stood a chance.

raw honesty ask me anything
it’s so dark i’ll answer.
put away wand and cauldron
there needn’t be enchantments here.

for this is enchanting already
think you feel it too.
shadows flutter back into being
stripping with them all spells.

i await this time tomorrow.

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the voice of reason persists.

only it isn’t quite reason
encouraging me despite my doubts.
one letter the sole progress
deleted in knee jerk reaction.

hesitation rules making me tentative
you can yes you can.
letters spill across the screen
i am actually doing this.

all done reluctantly press send
and waiting becomes new evil.
shouldn’t have done it but
it can’t be retracted now.

face it: this is reality.

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Another Freewrite

I find this freewrite very strange. Just spilling random words onto a keyboard.

I wonder how much longer it is until this thing finishes… eight minutes, though I spent thirty seconds linking up a pingback. Oh well, no-one will mind.

So there’s the novel to be working on, and I’m sure I want to do one of my own for publishing, or was that the short story? Maybe it was both, I imagine November will be rather busy. Lots of caffeine required. Why am I erasing words?

Ooh. Photography. I wonder if Kickstarter is any good. I’d love peoples’ opinions, and how on earth did those two minutes pass so fast? I started writing at two minutes past the hour. So six minutes left. Yay. I seem to spend a lot of time counting down the minutes on these things, it’s stupid. I should explore the camera apps you can get for an iPod, I’ve heard how the iPhone is a wonderful super thing for taking photos. Stands to reason that the iPod would be the same, they’re from the same family.

And knitting, it’s stupid how they closed down the aisle to restock. They should’ve done it shortly before closing, I think, then they might have had more customers. Then again they would have had to pay overtime, I guess, so there’s not much of a compromise. Paying customers vs paying workers overtime? That was annoying.

Ugh, this scarf. I’m doing knit-purl-knit, which I understand is “stocking” stitch or something, and the scarf is curling right up. Very annoying, and I might have to work out some other stitch. Why is it these stitches sound diabolically difficult until you do a few rows and hey, they’re actually super-easy? I call shenanigans.

Somehow it’s managing to curl up at the bottom and on the sides. I might actually be knitting a tube.

Well, worst case scenario I stitch it all together and call it a tube scarf, I’ve seen such things, not to mention a ‘snood’. What even is a snood?

And of course I didn’t take into account the work a scarf takes so now I’m down a pair of needles, so I can’t make more iPod cases yet. Seems the Etsy store will have to wait for another day.


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Procrastinators Unite

Today’s Blogging 101 Assignment: Write a post that builds on a comment you left yesterday.

“To an extent, I see procrastination as a stimulant”, as written on The Metamorphosis of a Wallflower.

And I was drawn in – partially because this is a post about procrastination and partially because the title of the blog includes metamorphosis, one of my favourite words.

I commented with my own little procrastination anecdote: in my case it’s something like doing laundry, since I’m not in study anymore. I postpone chores sometimes, because they just don’t seem pressing enough or I have something else to do. One memorable time I procrastinated a book: not in the regard of “I’ll finish it later”, but the kind where “I’ll just finish this one chapter”. Many chapters and unmeasurable time later I was finished.


That was accidental procrastination, which I find takes a special kind of energy. (What can I say, it was a good book)

It’s also a challenge, or a kick into action. How much can I get done now? Having a shortened time in which to do something does magic on me, gets my brain firing and my fingers flying to write or knit or do the dishes. Well, you know, that might be the caffeine talking.

Or, when I put off laundry for a few days, then I see how much more enjoyment I derive from doing the work. I like doing laundry; I find it immensely satisfying to pile up stuff in the machine. It’s a lazy-efficient task, my favourite kind.

And yet I can also be a planner: one who creates whole schemes for publishing a book that’s yet to be written and sketches out online following places for a business that has yet to be started.

Actually, I’ll sort that out tomorrow.


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No Band-Aids Here

I like criticism.

And I try not to be some delicate princess about it. It’s rare that you will always impress everyone – “You can please some of the people all of the time, and you can please all of the people some of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time.”, isn’t that how the line goes? – and so I try to be gracious about criticism. I accepted years ago that I won’t be constantly praised, and was happier for not expecting it.

I’m awesome philosophical like that.

My biggest criteria however, is that the criticism be polite. That, and proper spelling and grammar. Those are vital. If someone has taken it upon themselves to give me feedback, and it’s poorly spelled I cannot and probably will not take it seriously. Likewise if they are rude (which luckily has virtually never happened) I will brush them off and go on my merry way.

Besides, half the time the general idea is to help you improve, is it not? I came to blogging partly in the hopes that people would criticize my writing, and luckily those who have are quite lovely about it. If I didn’t want feedback, I wouldn’t blog. I’d keep my writings scribbled in an old notebook or some forgotten Desktop file and sludge on.

And to answer the original question I prefer straight-up advice and feedback. No sense in dancing around what you want to say.


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