blue, too wide to count.

still at the same time
too narrow not to measure.
stare long at the space
try to understand it all.

stare too long too often
try again later and later.
silence could be overwhelming here
then again it’s rather comforting.

streams of ink flow easily
to record everything for posterity.
see here are the archives
these works are all yours.

see in your eyes, infinity.

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Sneaking Back to Internet

So much for posting every day, as I intended to thirteen days ago.

In my defence, I went from my job-seeker course straight to a placement for work experience and the alphabet has been rearranged. Did you guys know that? I didn’t. I’ve spent over forty hours in a library this week, which is a bibliophile’s dream come true but when you’re knee-deep in shelving you begin finding the alphabet is wonky. Does J precede F? Is H really before K? That sort of thing. If I had a dollar for each time I’ve silently sung the alphabet to myself this week…

Anyway, I’ve learnt a lot. I can deal with fines and issue books and return them. They set me loose on the desk the other day. It’s pretty fun, you get to chat to people and eye up the books they’re getting. I’ve been so focused on the tasks that I haven’t even eyed up the books. So many books. Also, there’s another librarian who speaks German a bit, so we bonded over that in our haven’t-studied-German-in-how-long Denglish. That was cool.

I also haven’t written anything more for either novel, and I realized last night I forgot the Collaborative Novel update. My own novel has screeched to a halt whimpered to a stop at 2355 words. I’ve sworn to myself I’m going to finish, I really have. I really am going to finish. I think I had maybe one really good day, and now it’s just… blah.

Alrighty, here is my solemn vow to write more. More of everything, and – darn, I wanted my novel finished by now – more internet presence. I’ve been back on Twitter a little bit, just now, and I plan to get back to it. I’ve got a bit better accustomed to a 40 hour workweek, so now I think I can manage more.


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The Library Chronicles

Today was my first day of library work.

First up, I got the tour of the library. This is to say, the official You Are Working Here tour. It was cool. I haunt that library a lot to begin with, so it was familiar territory. Oh, one librarian looked at me and recognized me – my parents and I have a reputation at the library, it seems, as being readers. That was cool.

I got a brief laminating-machine demonstration. I’ve done laminating before, so it wasn’t a case of what is this magic, and I spent a happy ten minutes doing that. After that, I proceeded on to shelving and scanning in returns. Easy stuff; library work isn’t entirely new to me. I’ve done scanning and shelving before – cough stocktake.

Half an hour for lunch.

More shelvings, more returnings. Turns out, that when I don’t know a computer program, facing the computer will not magically appear the knowledge in my brain. Still, I learnt at least three things.

I never quite understood how much a library staffer is on their feet during a day. There’s roaming around shelving, there’s going around picking up requested books, there’s hopping back and forth and watching the others as they person the desks. It was overall a good experience.

And I do it all again for the next two weeks.


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The Placement

So, you guys know I’ve been doing this course that helps you get a job?

I received a call from one of the mentors, that I’ve already been found a work-experience placement. Two weeks of work. The placement is close to home: I can walk it in twenty minutes. Twenty-five if I really take my time, fifteen if it’s comfy shoes and a brisk summer-morning type of walk.

There’s the promise of a potential reference, and I’m to dress smart-casual. I take this to mean dresses and skirts, because when in doubt I like to be a bit formal. I’ve always thought that it’s better to be a bit overdressed than underdressed – those of you with jobs, what do you think?

Alright, so I’ve obtained some comfy shoes because this promises a lot of walking around and doing things actively, not desk-sitting. I’ve got several clothes combinations picked out and I’m practicing manners.

You see, these lovely mentors have wrangled me work-experience in a library.


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Day Five

This was supposed to be an interesting post, reporting back to you my various NaNo adventures and the goings-on of the job-finders course.

That came to a slow grinding halt at midday, when the slight tension in my throat developed into a soreness. Well done, Mother Nature. You’ve got a girl who’s trying to get to and from a job-finding masterclass, and you go and give her a cold. To admit my own culpability though, I haven’t been wearing scarves or a coat – because it’s November, Mrs Nature, we should be fluttering towards summer – as I didn’t think I needed them. I’ve been spending half-hours in the cold at a bus stop with the wind rattling around my bare throat and a light jacket that doesn’t do much for warmth.


So much for that.

On the plus side, I’ve remembered a few more details about High School Me to include on my CV. We’re looking for leadership, that sort of thing. My CV is getting a lot better as it is – these people are awesome.

Did I tell you guys, they gave us a maths test?

I’ll try to bring you a poem tomorrow.


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Day Four Report


I slogged home today, unusually worn out for a Tuesday.

See, I’m doing a course that helps you find work. It’s the kind of place where you do a lot of group work, and get a lot of CV help, and there are magic elves to give you awesome helps. I’m especially interested in the part where I get my drivers licence and they foot the bill.

Right, so, thirty-six hours ago I got up (6 am on a Monday) and headed out. There were lots of people and lots of group work. Today was The CV, body language and an inspirational speaker. It’s just gone 6 pm on Tuesday.

NaBloPoMo: Halted, due to deep tiredness yesterday. Oops.

NaNoWriMo #1: Halted at 2500 words.

NaNoWriMo #2: Co-Author has, last I knew, contributed around 2500. I’m yet to add, but time is not on my side now. It could be, but that would involve removing sleep from the equation. Altogether, that is.

Christmas stuff: Trees, baubled out all over the malls. No carols heard as yet.

Buses this week (ie yesterday/today): Eight.

I am not joking.


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the insomnia is back tonight.

too few patrons have visited,
and i’m still too alert.
busy nights are always preferable,
they’re when i sleep best.

then, i do not dream,
respite from the bright day.
now the world is quieter,
the focus dimmed and softened.

the visitor is back too,
suit and fedora always present.
he sits silently over drinks,
watching the world go by.

the few times he speaks,
he is familiar yet not.
there is always a certainty,
a conviction: i know him.

and he knows me somehow,
hooded eyes regard me thoughtfully.
his presence steals my respite,
and my presence steals his.

we never truly interact here,
afraid of breaking the peace.
i cannot risk unnecessary changes,
besides he’ll be away tomorrow.

it’s only a few decades.

Edward Hopper's Nighthawks.

Nighthawks, by Edward Hopper.


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