Flash Fiction July

About: Every day (New Zealand timezone), I’ll social-media post the challenge – Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Pinterest. Each story has the same word count cap: 1,000 words. 

To participate: Write your tale and create a pingback to this page. You don’t have to do all the prompts if you don’t want to; you can also do them out of order if you so choose.

Extra details here.

1 July: Pick a flower you hate.
2 July: Glimpses of daily life when commuting.
3 July: Abandoned wharf.
4 July: Tree lit by streetlight.
5 July: The house you see in your dreams.
6 July: Wildcard – Pick a cliche.
7 July: Staring.
8 July: Something that gives character.
9 July: Incongruous.
10 July: Blindingly obvious.
11 July: Pick a fabric.
12 July: Fabulist
13 July: Facade
14 July: Abstraction
15 July: Ethereal
16 July: Secretly a ______
17 July: Silhouette
18 July: Story within a story
19 July: Unwavering
20 July: You made it easy to…
21 July: Belief System
22 July: Irresistible
23 July: A theory
24 July: Write a sad ending
25 July: Potential
26 July: Create a metaphor
27 July: Statistically speaking…
28 July: Lost in architecture
29 July: Tour of personalities
30 July: Pick a season
31 July: Hot air balloon


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