freshly-boiled water swirls into the teacup, heating the thin porcelain from the first teaspoon. the water clouds over with tea releasing a faint scent into the air above. on the tray in front, a plate of biscuits await. later, the morning has warmed and the tea is forgotten, left to go stone-cold amidst the busyness… Continue reading tea-time


NaPoWriMo 20 (fog)

walking through the city: it's six a.m. on a chill winter day. fog abounds, i can't see more than thirty metres down the road. isolated - it's a public holiday. the cold brushes over me ignoring my fashionable jacket. the sky remains violet as one car swooshes past. gone, into the fog. disappearing in a… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 20 (fog)

Driven Forward

So, I'm going to answer the daily prompt, but first we start with the umbrella answer. This is my general answer, the one that encompasses a hundred little details, and then I'm going to hit some of the highlights for you. My... motivation, shall we say, for getting up every day is life. I'll treat this… Continue reading Driven Forward