crumb + cold + playful

there's crumbs on the bench a thin-framed tray cooling fresh cookies from the stove. a swipe of a damp sponge clears away the crumbs, leaving clean.   the cookies go cold left out too long and only just staying soft. they are still good, with a subtle tang of orange when bitten.   someone ventures… Continue reading crumb + cold + playful

edge + recharge

plates balanced on the kitchen bench, each one loaded with freshly-baked goods.   phone recharging by the appliances, out of place, streaming YouTube.   cutlery's fine edge glistens under the light, waits for audience's use.

a lost bottle of oil

smooth and sleek, add to any kitchen to make a tray of baking work. ----- spill into a car for the sake of maintenance and hope the engine doesn't die. ----- keep it away, too, from smooth floors lest it become a hazard to safety.