freshly-boiled water swirls into the teacup, heating the thin porcelain from the first teaspoon. the water clouds over with tea releasing a faint scent into the air above. on the tray in front, a plate of biscuits await. later, the morning has warmed and the tea is forgotten, left to go stone-cold amidst the busyness… Continue reading tea-time

Vignette (4)

There's a house-cafe on the street corner. It's incongruously placed in the middle of the city,  where you expect to find tall office buildings and functional apartment blocks - not so much a two-storey house with a front yard and parking space. In front, in the yard is a mini-cart. It's not unlike a street cart,… Continue reading Vignette (4)

Over Coffee (17)

If we were having coffee, it'd be a quiet hour over coffee and idly watching the weather. I've sort of run out of things to talk about, since I have a pile of secret things to not discuss until they're more solid. There's not much new to report on the work front, and the other work front… Continue reading Over Coffee (17)

Vignette (1)

It's 7:34 and the bus is making good time. My shift starts in an hour, and this little village is just beginning to wake up to the morning slog. You wouldn't expect to find a village-style place in the midst of a city, but it is here. Red light. First one in at least ten… Continue reading Vignette (1)

Over Coffee (14)

If we were having coffee I'd be well enough for an in-person visit. I'm coughing something like 87% less than I was a week ago, but I'm still on the cough syrup trail. Also, the syrup is utterly revolting. I'd tell you about the stories I've been working on, but just a little bit. I… Continue reading Over Coffee (14)

Over Coffee (2)

If we were having coffee, you'd be ordering something off-menu, some fancier drink that people don't normally order, rushed as they are in today's world. I'd be distracted, scribbling ideas into a little flip-notepad and thumbing through my Twitter feed. I'm a part-time conversationalist, you see. You probably wouldn't mind because your chatter would be interspersed… Continue reading Over Coffee (2)

Over Coffee (1)

If we were having coffee... this week I'd be drinking strong bitter black coffee, the kind that I always drink when I'm in the midst of a story. You'd ask me how my week was and I'd use the standard answers I always give when someone asks me that. I'd talk about what I'm doing… Continue reading Over Coffee (1)