ghoulish + prepare + surprise

there's a new mirror on the wall. when i look, it has a ghoulish reflection in the glass, past me. the image appears stuck.   i bought it from an antique shop. the owner was glad to see it go. she took my money and said nothing about surprises.   i was not prepared for mischief… Continue reading ghoulish + prepare + surprise


she has a revelation, one morning. the sky is still dark, dawn starting over the horizon amidst a bed of fog. she looks at herself in the window, darklit and shadowy, and her face is crossed with the fine netting of a lace curtain. three layers of protection, she reminds herself on the sharper days.… Continue reading serendipity

vanished (400)

the glass acts as a type of portal, separating ancestress from descendant. it's been passed down over the centuries, held onto for dear life and handed down when the call came. the story is that the first one to live out the myth managed to enchant it in her last mortal act, and now the… Continue reading vanished (400)

NaPoWriMo 27 (mask)

elastic loose around a wrist; elaborate depiction still in progress. every brushstroke bleeds into another. the depiction hardens, colder now - utterly, heartbreakingly flawless. apply it like a crown - assume nobility, play at ice. (break the mold) destroy the blueprint; this time around we are each other. give me an identity not my own… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 27 (mask)

sworn to secrecy (240)

she appears whenever i walk into a room. there's certain criteria of course; the main one is that there needs to be a mirror. it doesn't matter if there isn't a mirror though, a compact will do just fine, (i shattered every compact i had when i found this out) and i've since learned she isn't fussy… Continue reading sworn to secrecy (240)

Poetry 101 Rehab: Reflection

shattered mirror, shadowed, does not yield a true image. splinters of glass thread my reflection with cracks glittering in the facade. (too many cracks, too little glue) sometimes the broken mirror shows something that doesn't look quite real. sometimes i look at my reflection and wonder "am i real?"