freshly-boiled water swirls into the teacup, heating the thin porcelain from the first teaspoon. the water clouds over with tea releasing a faint scent into the air above. on the tray in front, a plate of biscuits await. later, the morning has warmed and the tea is forgotten, left to go stone-cold amidst the busyness… Continue reading tea-time



you don't see me, don't know i'm here. some days even i forget that i'm here. (i spend too long in the shadow and even in light i am invisible) when i reveal myself i can do so only for a night. energy's accumulation is at its strongest. (do you see me, amidst the night?… Continue reading shadow-walker


conceal me, airbrush me out of the day. lock me into night; meet me at the full moon. walk into the rain: pull on the jacket that hangs by the door. cover up the coffee stain; pretend the perfume-aura is gone and call it cleansing. (you know i'm never really gone, right?) before you know… Continue reading undercover

the windows

shadow figure slinks around, hiding sense of self for the select few. ----- hidden view, broken up by blinds: a few quick glimpses from my office desk. ----- painted anew each day (perpetual motion) done in fresh new shades.