ghoulish + prepare + surprise

there's a new mirror on the wall. when i look, it has a ghoulish reflection in the glass, past me. the image appears stuck.   i bought it from an antique shop. the owner was glad to see it go. she took my money and said nothing about surprises.   i was not prepared for mischief… Continue reading ghoulish + prepare + surprise


instability, 1.2 (150)

the wind wails through the cottage window, slipping through the tiny gaps that haven't yet been plastered over with glue. around me, the chill seeps in, the fireplace too weakly lit to do much good. under the wind, the fire dies down a little more; i place a screen in front of it, hoping to… Continue reading instability, 1.2 (150)

dream + dare + aromatic

burning a scented candle: aroma seeps through the air, thins it out.   pick a word from a list, associate it with mystery; dream on.   truth or dare? pick dare for the fun of it, reveal some hidden harsh truth.

The Travelling Writer

For Day 6 of Writing 101. I am not a fussy person about where I write. I have been able to write in a noisy cafe, where there are a couple dozen other people all talking and with the cafe noises - you know, cutlery and coffee machines and what-have-you. I wish I was the person… Continue reading The Travelling Writer

Reasons to Write

Okay, I'm setting the timer for fifteen minutes. Then, it's back to NaNoWriMo. I've probably answered this question at least once before, but I think it bears repeating - especially as I've since come up with my latest and possibly most honest answer. I write because it means taking my place in the world. Essentially,… Continue reading Reasons to Write


blue, too wide to count. still at the same time too narrow not to measure. stare long at the space try to understand it all. stare too long too often try again later and later. silence could be overwhelming here then again it's rather comforting. streams of ink flow easily to record everything for posterity.… Continue reading depth

Sneaking Back to Internet

So much for posting every day, as I intended to thirteen days ago. In my defence, I went from my job-seeker course straight to a placement for work experience and the alphabet has been rearranged. Did you guys know that? I didn't. I've spent over forty hours in a library this week, which is a bibliophile's… Continue reading Sneaking Back to Internet

The Placement

So, you guys know I've been doing this course that helps you get a job? I received a call from one of the mentors, that I've already been found a work-experience placement. Two weeks of work. The placement is close to home: I can walk it in twenty minutes. Twenty-five if I really take my time, fifteen… Continue reading The Placement

Day Five

This was supposed to be an interesting post, reporting back to you my various NaNo adventures and the goings-on of the job-finders course. That came to a slow grinding halt at midday, when the slight tension in my throat developed into a soreness. Well done, Mother Nature. You've got a girl who's trying to get to… Continue reading Day Five

Day Four Report

So. I slogged home today, unusually worn out for a Tuesday. See, I'm doing a course that helps you find work. It's the kind of place where you do a lot of group work, and get a lot of CV help, and there are magic elves to give you awesome helps. I'm especially interested in the… Continue reading Day Four Report