branch + spring + new life

pohutawaka branches sway over my car, red needles forming a soft carpet all around and sticking incessantly.   spring has left, and the summer is winding to its autumnal ending. there's chill in the air in the early morning, trees drooping.   the new life of spring eases out with the flush of dullness in… Continue reading branch + spring + new life


lecture + romantic + poetry

there is a stack of books, heaped so high as to be a menace. they reach to just below my hip, unless i'm forearmed with thick-soled shoes.   they contain poems, some more romantic than their companions. others cling to the soul, magically bound to the mind, staying on.   i could lecture you on… Continue reading lecture + romantic + poetry

transport + exercise + tardy

the summer sun blares down on the suburb as i walk to my final destination. work starts soon and it's my first day. not late yet.   heat rises, shimmers in the air as the minutes tick on. i'm making good time, and walking is great transport. free, and exercise.   the air-con of the building greets… Continue reading transport + exercise + tardy

nature + peace + loophole

there's a forest at my backyard. all i have to do is open the door, walk fifty-six steps to my right and nature is there.   i hike. there are a few short trails, leading to unseen bits of land. there's peace to be found, walking through dense trees and bits of scrub.   no-one… Continue reading nature + peace + loophole

light + dark + undulate

the light plays over the water, bright gold turning liquid white at the point of connection. there's a moment of quiet, soft, dark.   the water ripples, undulating with the breeze which comes from the south. it's fresh off the ice, and cold, almost numbingly so. still.   the sun drops over the horizon. it's… Continue reading light + dark + undulate

ghoulish + prepare + surprise

there's a new mirror on the wall. when i look, it has a ghoulish reflection in the glass, past me. the image appears stuck.   i bought it from an antique shop. the owner was glad to see it go. she took my money and said nothing about surprises.   i was not prepared for mischief… Continue reading ghoulish + prepare + surprise

beauty + dreams + exceptional

my dreams tonight are cold, a forgetful haze of ice and snow, a blur of grey and white. by the time i wake up, i'm chilled right through.   there's no beauty to be found in these dreams, cold as they are. all there is, is an exceptional sight: the horizon is all blank.  … Continue reading beauty + dreams + exceptional