breeze + arrived + identical

one quick breeze has arrived. it skims over the ocean, ruffles the water into peaks that are near-identical. white foam tops the crest before it dissolves, gone in an unseen pattern. on the sand, fish and chip papers rustle.

reservations + singe + deep

the water runs deep, ice-cold and dark with unseen things. light is fading.   reservations stop me from ducking under, from coming closer still.   it's icy, and my skin feels singed with blood as i approach and dive in.

crumb + cold + playful

there's crumbs on the bench a thin-framed tray cooling fresh cookies from the stove. a swipe of a damp sponge clears away the crumbs, leaving clean.   the cookies go cold left out too long and only just staying soft. they are still good, with a subtle tang of orange when bitten.   someone ventures… Continue reading crumb + cold + playful

spring + cold + perfume

the days are getting shorter as spring leaves, letting autumn bring its chill.   pre-dawn is cold and the streets are bare, spotlit by ghostly-absent lights.   the perfume of a wood-fire accompanies me home where hot food waits.

of thirst

the coffeepot stands on the kitchen bench, untouched for several months. it's been ignored in favour of a line of teapots, separate pots for different varieties, a routine carving itself out over time. two cups of energizing in the early morning, the second of which is poured into a travel cup; one of plain black… Continue reading of thirst