crumb + cold + playful

there's crumbs on the bench a thin-framed tray cooling fresh cookies from the stove. a swipe of a damp sponge clears away the crumbs, leaving clean.   the cookies go cold left out too long and only just staying soft. they are still good, with a subtle tang of orange when bitten.   someone ventures… Continue reading crumb + cold + playful


of thirst

the coffeepot stands on the kitchen bench, untouched for several months. it's been ignored in favour of a line of teapots, separate pots for different varieties, a routine carving itself out over time. two cups of energizing in the early morning, the second of which is poured into a travel cup; one of plain black… Continue reading of thirst

Poetry 101 Rehab: Skin

warm and smooth, almost clammy from anxiety. the soft lining of a favourite jacket is comforting a friendly kiss of solace. cold and neat carefully manicured to work. the aircon cools the area trembles smoothed out by familiarity and acclimatizing. trembling ever-so-slightly or steady. an encounter too perfect to be a collision - and another.… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Skin


The early-morning chill has settled on the ground, every blade of grass half-white with frost. Shreds of green peek through, the occasional daisy hidden from sight under the frost. The grass hasn't been cut in days and if I ventured over the field more it would reach up to my ankles, easily. It makes it… Continue reading Five


She reads the message. Really, she's not surprised. She's been expecting this for Weeks now. It stings a bit but is not the crushing hurt she thought. She anticipated hurt would pierce It's icy way through her heart. It never does. The pain is not like last time When one of the culprits was Her… Continue reading Numb