window + heart + sympathy

water drops gather on the window, spilling down, forming countless shapes.   condensation forms inside, sympathy heart traced in, matching the shapes.   the window's open, now, and the glass clears. the heart fades, looks half-broken.

bouquet + glass

stained glass, uncovered by netting curtain stains the floor myriad shades.   lingering bouquet in the kitchen; stained glasses litter the countertop.   mixed flowers in glass, backdrop of blank white walls adds a touch of whimsy.


balancing water and dancing ice, sending sparkles warping through the room. ----- thin and clear, one mark of lipstick on the rim, just waiting to be cleaned. ----- slipping from a grasp - collision - tiny shards begin hiding from tired eyes. ----- different even in their uniformity, they make many neat lines.


Just Thursday Blog Hop: Water Glass

The glass, part-filled with slightly cloudy water has sat on the nightstand for three days now. It’s becoming my own little joke – to come home and see if you’ve moved it yet. So far you haven’t, and I’ve decided to see how long it will stay there. There are still boxes everywhere, half-unpacked boxes… Continue reading Just Thursday Blog Hop: Water Glass


shards of glass,, purple, green -jumbled, mismatched.i've got no idea where to start.lost and unsure -anxiety turns blood to ice.warmth is fleetingly crueland sometimes in news yet -that column's blank.ironic then, that itook art history.two out of three done -awaiting the third.write a pretty storycreate futile distractions.time to take up the tweezers.