magic + hope + brilliant

glass fused from dust shines with crystalline light in the sun after rainfall.   there's hope for weather to improve, brilliant now the clouds have all passed.   ice frosts the window, a quick magic transporting me to a new world.

hope + stay + prickle

there's a thorn on the rose you left in a vase. it's as sharp as it looks.   jabbed my finger on the prickle trimming the stem. new water, and done.   there's a card i have yet to read. maybe later - i hope you will stay.

luxury + hope + up

unwrap stack of books: hope this one will speak to you. time to start reading.   time is luxury - stolen moments hidden and jealously guarded.   look up obscure reference: screenshot it and come back later (when?).

Word Crush Wednesday: Emily Dickinson

So today I had a job interview with a Managing Director. I was nervous as a nervous thing. I was shy and a bit anxious and cold. And still, they're apparently really interested in me. I've been called in tomorrow to meet someone else - a couple of other managing staff, from the sound of… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Emily Dickinson

Word Crush Wednesday: Aristotle 

I'm not quite sure about how I met this quote, but it crept up on me, tapped me on the shoulder and... Well, you might already know I'm a quote magpie. Anyway, I came across it fairly recently, and I confess to doing my little habitual analysis over it. I don't always like the quotes I… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Aristotle 

The Future, In Just Six Words

For Mum and Dad. Love you. This is, in six words, the dedication I'll inscribe in my first novel when publishing. I would've made it longer, but today's prompt says six words. (I've never understood how an author can put in the barest dedication: one author, I've seen will literally just say For K.) Thus… Continue reading The Future, In Just Six Words