Over Coffee (43)

If we were having coffee¬†you'd be coming over and I'm running a bit off-kilter today. I'm editing a story and at this point the pages are covered in red, green highlighter all over the place. If it weren't for the fact that green highlighter is very neon I'd almost accuse it of looking Christmassy. Sorry, … Continue reading Over Coffee (43)

mixed seasons

the weather is indecisive. rain lashes at the roof even as the sky eases up, blue peeking through. five minutes later the temperature has dropped noticeably. it's good weather for a hot drink. every morning is crisp, clear blue sky and grass trimmed with light patches of frost. it's indecisive - can't seem to pick … Continue reading mixed seasons

scrabbling at tile (400)

the tiles are stacked, five deep, in rows around the room. if i unfocus my eyes they become towers, columns of origin unknown, narrowing down the room into a tiny cell-like space. this is what i get for buying them two or three at a time when there's space on the credit card, and laying … Continue reading scrabbling at tile (400)

Word Crush Monday: Don Marquis

I've been a little less inspired the last few days, though I did conjure up a book review, so that'll be here next week. This weekend I've been avidly drawing books through my bloodstream and came up with a new story idea; I fleshed it out really well on my phone, so I guess it's … Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Don Marquis