beat + vague + party

i don't want to be party to all that you want me to be, ever.   miss a beat in the main point, tell me how i could be. vague terms; confused.   ignore my way of thinking; shut down argument and go on your way.


Introducing: Intangible

No, I didn't write another book. Not yet. Instead, Intangible is my new series on Channillo, a sort of web serial thing in which the creators are supported by the payments made on series subscriptions. To date, I've released three poems there. The first is a short piece called measure by measure and ponders the ways in… Continue reading Introducing: Intangible

fret + circle + cute

fret over the minute, then return to the bigger picture. by the fireplace, a cat sleeps contently, cutely curled into a circle. the warmth from the fire brushes the hearth, fills the room and softens the winter atmosphere.

fun + sun + crank

sun glows neon-bright in the midday sky. this time of year, it's not warm.   beams of light ripple through trees; trying to capture the image is fun.   later, i crank the lever on a wishing well and toss some coins back.

Etsy Monday: Doctor Who Quote Prints

Ooh dear. Last week I really dropped the ball here. In all honesty though, I got a bit sidetracked. My boss requested a catch-up to discuss my goals and so forth, since I was on a temp contract. The long and short of it is, they're offering me a permanent role with the company. We… Continue reading Etsy Monday: Doctor Who Quote Prints

the whirlwind

sometimes, she likes to sit still. the invisible girl counts it as a sort of victory to sit still at the end of a long day, or a series of long days that have collapsed into each other. she sits quietly, sedately, and drinks tea, idly whirling the teaspoon through the mug and letting a… Continue reading the whirlwind

lady + highlights + explore

they try to tell me that a true lady stays still. she doesn't explore. i choose to shove this aside, run through the best of a new adventure, and make a highlights display later. they don't think a lady should be her own person.