Letters to Euturpe: 43

I am in a mystery mood tonight. During my recent bouts of boredom, I've picked up watching Sherlock. I'm all caught up on various other fandoms - wait, I tell a lie, there is one that I'm halfway through and I'm a third of the way through another. Okay, I'm not all caught up, but you … Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 43

invitation (300)

invitations. she declares it to be an art, in a world full of electricity which can send a request or suggestion to the intended recipient within seconds. she makes it a point to never use electric invitations, and scorns having to click yes instead of sending back the reply card. in a way she gets it, … Continue reading invitation (300)

Day 16

My mind isn't working properly. I think I've been getting a bit too ahead of myself of late; plotting to do book reviews and then forgetting to actually review the ones I've read - and  I've been knee-high (almost literally) in books. At the moment the creative magic has slowed right down, and I've learned why you … Continue reading Day 16

The Motor is Running

My mind's in that state again. The special one where I have trouble writing anything new, but have ideas constantly churning through. This afternoon I listened to one new song and it sparked off a new idea. Sometimes I really wonder about the way my brain works. Anyway. I don't have much inspiration to really write … Continue reading The Motor is Running