Letters to Euturpe: 65

AKA Sarah's Adventures in HTML. Okay. Breathing quietly now. I am calm. I am bright. Shoot, that sounded remarkably like an egotistical Christmas carol... nah, I'm not starting this post over. Took me ages to remember what number this post is supposed to be. You guys. I had so much trouble with the HTML code tonight and … Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 65

wild + domesticated + soil

flames flicker in the fireplace, slow to start - paper is quick to ignite, but there's no staying power. there's just lots of potential.   by the hearth, a cat curls up, warming its paws on rough-hewn stone flooring. domesticated for now, and back to wild mischief soon.   (and you, under the sunlight, with … Continue reading wild + domesticated + soil

Word Crush Monday: Rowling

Monday, and I'm not doing too well at the blog-daily thing. I should probably rework the schedule, but I forget. My mind is so cluttered lately, I sometimes think I should build a mind map or something. Build a mental house and make a library, or something. Cauldron Anthology has closed off submissions for the second … Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Rowling

Letters to Euturpe: 64

It's been very rainy recently, a fact of which I approve wholeheartedly. Good excuse to keep the heater going and a supply of hot chocolate on hand - only I'm finding that the instant variety really is very dreary. Other than that, I've been doing some Cauldron Anthology work; we're about to close off theme-submissions … Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 64

roots + wisdom + grit

the roots of the tree jut out, rib-like below the pavement that it is bending out of shape. above, the concrete is rough, cracked, torn.   there's wisdom to be seen in the sprawl of the branches, if one just knows where to look. (it's etched into the tree, watching countless bypassers)   a fine … Continue reading roots + wisdom + grit