in settling

the house is quiet, built after several bitter months of designing and planning. every feature is carefully curated, placed to be clever. sometimes, in the evenings, it settles. floorboards creak under a phantom's step; wind whistles through windows that need sealing up. winter is on its way, after all. at night, she settles in with … Continue reading in settling

weather + life + opaque

the weather has turned nasty, driving rain sheeting down over city streets. below my boots, puddles form, little rivers running.   it becomes habit to prepare coffee or tea in a travel flask, still hot and ready to drink no matter the conditions.   life is paused as rain opaque in its heaviness whips at … Continue reading weather + life + opaque

word crush monday: christie

this morning i ushered in monday writing a new poem and so here i sit, writing a poem about writing a poem. i researched economics for a poem, and cycled through a dozen songs on youtube so i don't have to buy them. later, i made insta-pasta and thought about all the gaps that i … Continue reading word crush monday: christie