Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 15

I’ve come to the conclusion that Thursday is the day I like least. Monday is a start to the week, so is Tuesday. Wednesday is a median between the days, and Friday is the slope to the weekend – which is, you know, the weekend. If you are me, the weekend is two days free of commuting.

Thursday just gets in the way. Continue reading

Word Crush Wednesday: Sandra Cisneros

I’ve been thinking a lot about language of late. Quick backstory: ten years ago I began learning German. I was good at it, in my beginner’s level class at high school. I liked it, and so I stuck with it. As the years progressed, fewer people took it. By my last year, I was one of about ten people in the class.

I took it up at university, and have since been out of university for a year. I haven’t studied or read or heard or written or spoken it in at least two years. Continue reading