Over Coffee (21)

If we were having coffee, I’d be distracted and slightly in my own world. I’m working on a story that needs another 1,000 words to give it a bit more life, but I’m having some trouble teasing out those last few words. For once, I’m actually having a bit of trouble with writing something. The novelty wore off fast.

I’m drinking coffee, by the way, trying to trick my brain into working faster – maybe an affogato. What are you drinking?

So far I have a printout of what I’ve written, and I’m tempted to implore you to read it. See where else the magic needs to be. This week I’ve been on holiday from work and I have most of next week as well. There shall be more writing, more mischief to be packed into the next four days.

How has your week gone?


Freewrite tonight. Trying to clear a bit of the mind-space in 10 minutes. I think I’ve actually hit maximum brain storage capacity and can’t conjure up any fun new ideas. The other weekend when coming up with new fanfic ideas has passed; the Secret Things have been less prolific, but only slightly.

Query: what do you guys want to see more of, and less of, on this blog? I want to know what I can improve upon.

No immediate plans for another hiking expedition, but that allows time for a new branch of secret things to happen. I seem to have cleared my mind without really telling you anything new.

My first batch of film arrived today via the courier which is fun, once I learn how to actually put it into the camera I shall go and have fun with it. Learn how to do photography, maybe come up with a selection of the better pieces for posting on the interwebs.

OK, I think I’ve cleared up the cobwebs a bit.

Letters to Euturpe: 30

So I’m having a bit of trouble typing right now, I’ll keep this snappy. (I’m favouring one arm and also one finger which means I’m typing with four fingers. Spent the afternoon in the blood donor’s chair.)

Song for the week – I actually couldn’t decide it, until the song just began playing on iTunes Shuffle. Since I’m being lazy restful I decided to go with it.

The challenge for the week is Burn by Madi Diaz. (link to come, because certain sites are being faulty)

a social lesson (150)

It was the year 1712 and the Countess was hosting for the first time, finally declared ready by Mama to be a hostess. Normally, Mama or her sister were the ones to prepare – instead, Mama had decided she needed the knowledge and lesson for the centuries yet to come.

She waited by the curving staircase, still nervy about the fire dancing just feet away from her.

(In this form, she was much more vulnerable)

Guests arrived in a flutter of silk and velvet, a flash of jewel to rival any pearl fang and all curtsied to her. Write your own social etiquette, Mama had instructed her, and she had. From upstairs, the rest of her family were watching and listening. This was a test, she knew, and went to menace the cooks into preparing the feast with a little more alacrity.

(If ghosts arrived, well, she paid them no attention)