Word Crush Wednesday: Hamlet

One of my old habits is idly skimming through pages of a book, or opening the book at random. I find that doing this sometimes gives me a new set of eyes for a quote or something if I know the text well. If I don’t know it well then it’s an excuse to see what jumps out at me without getting immersed in the writing – more than once I’ve been reading, looking for a familiar quote, and never finding it because I was looking so intently. Sometimes they leap off the page at me, cling to me and implore me to take them home in my brain – and who am I to refuse?

And this is how I got today’s quote, from Act II, Scene II of Shakespeare’s Hamlet:

Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt that the sun doth move,
Doubt truth to be a liar,
But never doubt I love.


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the game

sometimes it’s like a dream.

you’re here on the screen
information and people and words.
it’s illogical to think that
you’re here in real life.

i brought this upon myself
toying with you so long.
we chased each other like
a cat chases a mouse.

maybe this is my punishment
to never get to clarity.
so please don’t turn out
to be from my imagination.

(or penance for playing games)

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The Light of the Moon

love the madness of life.

I love it in writing too, but writing is where the madness shines. I’ve been thinking lately – I’m beginning to find my voice. Here on the blog, in texts, in emails… I think my voice sounds a lot like me, but says the things my real-life self wouldn’t say. My voice is the unfiltered Sarah, the version who comes up with a Witty Thing to say and says it, unlike the offscreen version who files it in a notebook for a zappy one-liner in fiction.

And it’s carrying over into real life, I think, because maybe I’m beginning to find me. Yesterday I was at the office place doing my job hunting and for one of the first times I was being me just a little bit more. I was the version that befriended people and said funny things, not the version who sits quietly topping up my caffeine. It was nice. I don’t know if we’ve had a full moon recently, or if the caffeine made me bold, but that’s how it seems to work.

The madness is interesting too, though I don’t always think of it as madness. I prefer awesomeness. It’s the tiny details, for me. It’s when you’re watching a film and see a knickknack you want, or buying a totally impractical pair of velvety boots with stiletto heels. It’s a lyric that stays on your heart or the promise of something undiscovered. It’s roaming the city, hopping on and off at random points and exploring just because you can, and watching a good chaos unfold like a living thing, free and wild.

It’s life.

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Three Photos

A subject with which I am familiar?

Alrighty. I studied a lot of things, and read up on more purely because I can. Even so… today, you guys get to imagine with me three photos based on Middle English literature. Chaucer and his mates.

So, we start with the past. I imagine this one to be a depiction, though actually it’d be a rough pencil (charcoal?) sketch, of a fly-on-the-wall scene. Of course, with Photoshop and all the other manipulation tools, I suppose you could quite easily create a photo of Chaucer and co. I picture them, in this imaginary image, stopped for a break on their travels. In this break, they have checked into an inn or tavern. Maybe it’s the small, shabby kind that illustrates the adage of getting what you pay for. These guys have to preserve their money because it’s a long journey. They’re sitting at a long table, the kind that seats a dozen people. I think they’ve got rough plates of bread and cheese, maybe a jug or two of mead. Somewhere in the background the proprietor of the inn hovers, maybe bringing out a fresh loaf of bread.

It’s a cheery sort of scene, because they’re telling one of their bawdy tales and everyone is drinking and laughing. All the attention is on the speaker, who is animated and bold as everyone listens, though his companions do interrupt him to crack a joke or cheer on what he’s saying.

Let’s interrupt now, because I’d like to zip us into the present, that wily twenty-first century.

(Why is it a wily century? I have no idea)

Here is the new depiction of Chaucer: he and his friends are confined to pages, ruffled by students and teachers alike. Let’s say fourteen students sit in a square U shape, two or three to a plain white desk which is covered in heavy books and loose sheets of paper. There are random other items: cans of energy drink or takeaway coffees, maybe the stray piece of technology creating a blend of modernity and ancient. At the whiteboard their tutor stands, and asks each student to read a few lines of centuries-old English. Each student does, with a slight awkwardness to their tone – these words ought to be familiar, but they are not – and translates the lines afterwards, explaining its presence in the text. Later, the tutor will mark essays and the professor will prepare his lecture notes as needed.

And in the future? I like to imagine it’ll look similar to the present. Maybe there’ll be fewer students in the classes, and maybe there’ll be more.This one is kind of a blank canvas for me, because I don’t feel I know enough about the future to definitively say what it’ll be like. Actually, I know I don’t know enough.

*exits, pursued by a bear*

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Word Crush Wednesday: Albert Einstein

First, I’m convinced that someone is stealing time. Maybe it’s the work of a vengeful Elf on the Shelf, dismayed that Christmas is no longer here. I opened up the tab for a new post a week ago and thought “I’ll get to it in a minute,” then blithely went about reading books and colour-coding lip balms.

I apply for jobs (and get rejected, but it’s your loss dear library) and then randomly check my emails and hey, it’s been twelve days and I’ve applied for another handful since then. I think I’m in some kind of job-hunting Dichotomy Paradox.

So much for my goal of daily blogging.

Anyway, here is this week’s quote, from Albert Einstein:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


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Status of a Not-Resolution

A while back I swore I’d blog daily, and I haven’t quite done that.

Mainly because the job hunt is creeping along like a creepy thing, only that isn’t an apt description after all because creepy is old haunted castles in Gothic literature. Well, at any rate it’s getting there. Sneaking – sneaky. Maybe that works, because I am being awesome and it’s still a stealthy venture – don’t want to overwhelm people.

So anyway, I dip into a reserve of chocolate or apply for a job and lose misplace a notebook, and eventually I’m like “Oh yeah, WordPress exists still.” There’s going to be a bit less creative writing, because I’m still tentatively blocking out a blog schedule of all things, I am not a scheduler. I am a list-maker. Actually that’s what I’ll do, make a schedule-list and trick my brain. Does that work, tricking myself, if I’ve just declared it? Can I tell you guys, and myself, that I’m going to deceive my own mind and still have it work? Or does the act of the proclamation nullify it?


Also, you might know I’ve been planning an Etsy store, but I’m holding off that until I have an actual job because something about tax burble blah blah. Forms. Paperwork.

This was intended as a free-write to amuse myself, and maybe even you, but it hasn’t worked because I just made an edit and there aren’t enough thoughts in my head to just fly off the keyboard. So, apparently I am an editing person, and a list-maker, but not a scheduler? Well, it seems to be what works, so.

I leave you with this song by Emily Danger, just because.


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In 1990

It took me a minute to find a coin, because I don’t keep a lot of them around. I’m fussy about that sort of thing.

Also, we don’t have nickels in New Zealand currency, so I had to make do.

My coin, the first I spotted hiding in my wallet, reads 1990. It looks its age too, all 25 years: it’s tarnished and slightly worn. Contrast it to a 2008 piece and there’s so much difference: the 2008’s are still shiny and also much lighter than the bulkier counterparts, which I think went out of circulation years ago.

As for what I was doing in 1990?


1990 was the pre-Sarah era.

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