The Faux Landlords’ Act

It’s been another six weeks since my last unusual encounter. The books continued streaming in, piled-up around the house in more stacks than I could possibly get through in one lifetime – only to stop as suddenly as they began. This evening, I’m late coming home from work; too many hours spent making very little progress on some research.

As I pull into the driveway, I’m tired enough to single-mindedly park, before fixing a sandwich and curling up on the couch with whatever movie is screening on TV. 

The next morning I’m awoken by the chemical smell of paint and a rapid hammering. My alarm hasn’t gone off, but before I can start to establish the reason for this, I’m awoken by footsteps and the sound of crockery being moved around in the cupboard. I make my way to the kitchen, snatching up a particularly heavy novel on the way, and my heart sinks. Rattling through the cupboard, pulling stray dishes down, is Penelope, who whirls around to greet me.

Penelope: Good morning, dear. I hope we didn’t wake you – it’s Saturday, so I don’t think you work today – do you?

Me: No – no, I don’t, but why do you want to know, and why are you going through my cupboards?

Penelope: Oh, well, we decided this place needed a bit of tidying up. Andrew decided the place needed repainting, and I’ve patched up that old cupboard door that came off the hinge before.

Me: Why? Are you planning on selling soon?

Penelope: Not at all, in fact we’re thinking of buying again. It just seemed the right thing to do right now, a good way to spend a Saturday and make sure your living conditions are good. More than just comfortable, as I thought last time I was here. She casts an approving look at the new furniture, before studying the wallpaper with a frown. And that wallpaper needs to go, I think. It’s very plain, don’t you agree?

Me: Well, I’ve never really given it much thought. I don’t think much about wallpaper, do you?

Penelope: No, not all the time. Just on the occasional day when I’m renovating or thinking about renovating.

Me: I see… I need some air, please excuse me.

As I step outside, the paint smell gets stronger, and the first thing that catches my eye is the vivid red paint being painted around the windows; the second thing is the van unloading a roll of carpet. Andrew waves cheerily, but makes no move to remove the earphones from his ears. Worry comes over me for the first time since I heard the hammering.

It looks like this place will be renovated no matter what I think; so much for making myself at home here.

One Odd Sock

Okay, I’ve racked my brains for cleverness tonight and come up short. It’s Friday evening, so I decided to cut myself some slack. It just became a Daily Prompt night. Also, a night where I try to remember the idea for a novel I had – this is in the murder-mystery series.

(Note to self: writing stuff down is good. Right now, the details are sketchy, and by details I mean motive, arghh)

So, the prompt. I guess I don’t mind being around a group of people, though I’d certainly be on the quieter side of things – assuming I’m not wearing earphones to block out all the noise, because too much noise sets me completely on edge.

Public speaking isn’t a thing I do, either: I could maybe do it, but I’d feel vaguely awkward about it. No, make that a lot awkward. It’d make me feel all conspicuous and shy. I’m definitely not a performer-type; I’d feel all out-of-place, like mismatched socks, and that’s the sort of detail that would bug the everloving hell out of me. Given the choice, I’d prefer to hide in the bathroom than try giving a talk to a group.


Stellar and Lunar: 4 February

Good evening, all.

I’ve come to realize that I have the sort of brain that secretly stores things away for future reference. For instance, the fun new thing my mind is doing: the fan-fiction. Years ago, I read one fic. And then I read it maybe a second time, because I felt like it. Last night, browsing the interwebs, I remembered: hey there was that other fic. The one where the dude…

That’s where my powers of memory trailed off. Then I remembered bits and pieces, incrementally, throughout the day. Needless to say, it’s driving me bonkers. My brain is the kind which will badger me into next year about something until it finds the story, at which point there will be a sigh of relief.

In honour of this, your prompt for the week (4 – 11 February) is black hole. 

observant (150)

fairness. justice.

i’m watching, always observing, as you sneak around, stealing things that take your fancy. i know you do this purely on whims, on the appeal of the item right by you – you’re like a magpie, hoarding away all your treasures before shattering them. (because you just have to be the one to do the breaking; can’t allow anyone else to have them, can you?)

you have to stop. and i know i’m not going to be able to convince you, because this is something you love too much to ever give up. instead, i take it into my duty to steal the items back, redistribute them and watch you flounder. someone has to do it, after all. let’s not think of it as the prevention; let’s pretend it’s the cure.

(here’s the secret: you’re not the villain you think you are)


Pausing to Declutter

It’s February. Already.

After the initial daze of wondering how January got done with so fast, I have stopped to clear my mind and think about everything. You probably know I have a dozen projects ongoing.

It’s the ambition. Here’s the (partial) breakdown:

-The collaborative effort. A friend and I are intending a cowritten novel, which discussions initially took place in 2014. I suspect this will be the year of the draft.

-NaNoWriMo 2014. Separate to the above, I have since plotted out several novels to work it into a series. Last count was four novels? I’m still working out the details of the antagonist: is she really the antagonist? I think that one’s going to be the biggest issue there.

-NaNoWriMo 2015. Murder mystery! I’ve already begun mapping another series here, because have you met me? (No, 99.9% of you have not. The other 0.1% has, and they know things.)

-The fan-fiction. I am labelling this as one big project, which is a lie. I have, in fact, four challenges across two different fandoms all stored up. I think that alone equals about 300 stories? I’m very bad at maths, but that was the last guess. Oh, and there’s all the non-challenge ones.

-The Etsy store. This one’s a bit trickier because I’m trying to begin getting sales but to do that, I need to make more items. More items = more sights. I know what’s up.

If things progress as I think they might… who knows. I think from now on I’ll change Monday on the schedule to be Etsy Monday – lock in more time during the week to make something, and then post about it on Mondays. So, I think this’ll be the last Wildcard Monday. As of nowadays, I’d like to have a blog that’s got a ratio of… ugh, bad at maths, hang on. Let’s say 70% writing to 15% wildcard days to 15% Etsy and self-promotion.

(Is that how you do a ratio?)

January: A Summary

Again, I’m running low on time and inspiration. This is partially inaccurate, because I have a thousand ideas (and that’s actually probably not far off, as guesses go) but I seem to have an eternal block with writing.

There’s the notebooks filled with fan-fiction ideas, and the drafts saved on here. There’s ideas on my phone and iPod, listed under titles such as 48623; that’s not to reflect the number of the idea, but the miscellaneous numbers used to set each idea aside from one another.

Huh. It’s 16 minutes until midnight, and that means 16 minutes until February.

I thought I’d do a summary of the month so far. As yet, not much remarkable has happened. I’ve been learning to drive, but also been out sick for several days. So far, I’ve not yet updated any of the fan-fics I have in-progress, and I’ve not done as much creative work on here or my novels.

So, to summarize: it’s been a slow month.