A Series of Trades

I think I could probably do an alright job of bartering.

I am kind of a Jane-of-several-trades, not limiting myself to one or two skill sets. I’m fairly adept in the kitchen; can do sweet things or a from-scratch lasagne, if I were so inclined. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty – I’d probably trade a few hours cleaning or gardening for a bottle of nail polish, for instance, because after scrabbling in the dirt or inhaling cleaning fumes, my nails would be wrecked.

Writing! That’s another thing I could do. I can do poems, short stories, fanfic… I don’t like to limit myself, and so I would probably trade off poems or stories for something – I’m not sure what, but I’d figure it out.

Crafts, too: I’m a bit craftsy, and I’m sure I’d be happy to make a knit scarf in exchange for a small pile of books.

Admittedly, I don’t quite know how you figure out the values of various things when you’re trading one item for another, not an item for money, but I’m quick to learn. I’m adaptable; I’d figure it out.

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The Curious Mind’s List

This one’s an easy one for me: create a list. There’s something deeply satisfying, to me, about a list. Carefully constructed, maybe with bullet points, headings and subheadings and a spot of colour-coding.

However, all of that is a bit finicky for a sleepy Friday night, so I’m going to list for you subjects and classes that I either have taken, or would have liked to study. These are in no real order, and I will refer you to the above Friday night note.

English literature. This is maybe the biggest of the lot, because I did major in it, and studying it at university gave me a whole new appreciation for several hundred years of literature. I liked meeting all the different ways the English language was presented, enjoyed learning little idiosyncratic nuggets of knowledge specific to a time period.

Classical Studies. Another thing I studied, less than I did English but to this day I still acquire copies of ancient plays. I always covered the Greeks and Romans, tragedies and comedies and it was always enjoyable.

Biology. I quit science in high school, once it stopped being compulsory, and focused on history and language (German) Actually, I would’ve liked to learn all the different sciences, they all seem fascinating to my curious mind. If literature is a commentary on how things are, science is the explanation for why they are. All I can say is, thank goodness for free online MOOCs. Sadly, my high school generally only offered five classes, which meant that for me it was either/or.

Anthropology. I did study this for a while, in its different disciplines. I found it to be a marriage of history and science and possibly sociology, or maybe something else. I’m not quite sure, but I do know I liked it. I’ll have to find something fun to study.

Languages. This is a sub-list. I would’ve liked to also learn French and maybe Spanish, possibly also Italian and… yeah, that’ll do. For now. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that a German background lends itself a little bit to a tiny bit of familiarity with other languages. Does anyone else find this?

Alright, you guys, the word count is climbing ever-higher and I’ve barely scratched the surface. What subjects did you study, or what do you wish you’d studied?

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it’s the same old story.

stars steady in the sky:
they fall in a shower.
you grab a handful and
i hide them for wishes.

city smog obscures the view:
we remain sequestered in squares.
rattling cars and heavy thunder
hide the night from us.

night passes easily and painlessly:
as ever we are unaware.
we sleep for the dreams
expediting the journey of night –

and awake to new dreams.

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Word Crush Wednesday: Plato

Today, I’m feeling inspirational. I’m not quite sure why – maybe it’s the memory of the never-giving-up post I wrote recently, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m resigned to cold weather and gloves in the morning now – but it’s just the mood I seem to be in.

I’ve applied to another university library job, and I’m hopeful about it because I am clever and awesome.

I came across this quote after about two minutes of searching, an encroaching headache eliminating the desire to scroll through various sites. This one kind of jumped off the page – it’s brief, it’s fitting my current state of non-headachey) mood and it’s Plato. What more could you ask for? It’s a bit of a basic reminder, but sometimes you do need those, and after last week’s poem-writing spree, I need a reminder myself. Write more, I tell myself.

So admittedly, Plato is talking about art, at least according to the quotes site, and this is one of those quotes that could (and probably has been) reprised a dozen times over with the words rearranged, changed and polished. Still, I’m applying it to every endeavour ever, not just a painting or a novel.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.

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this happens again and again.

you are the scrawl, the
faded dull white writing on
a murky piece of blackboard.
i am the silent scribe.

this is my duty, you
see to always write and
keep our records for posterity.
always drawn back to you.

magnetised we are not, but
still we gravitate towards one
another as if we were.
these records won’t keep themselves.

time for a new ledger.

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Karmic Dealings

Ooh, fun. Karma. It’s not really something I believe in, but for the sake of argument amusement let’s say it’s Scientifically Real and I totally believe in it.

Actually, I do believe in it, as defined by today’s prompt. Your words and actions will influence what will happen to you in the future – as far as I know that is what happens in life. This one time I said things to a person. Our friendship paradigm altered accordingly. I started my degree with a major in one subject, changed it midway through and finished up the thing with a major in English and a set of new interests.

Whether or not the things that happen to me are good or bad…well, that’s anyone’s guess.

I guess with this in mind I’d be a bit more careful, a bit more mindful of myself.

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I don’t generally ask for advice, so there isn’t really something I wish I’d been told.

This, then, becomes the advice I would give anyone in this boat. For the record, this boat I’m in is the age old one of (fairly) recent university graduate, looking for a job because I studied something that wouldn’t land me super-quick employment after graduation and no immediate post-graduate study plans.

The advice is this: don’t give up.


I’ve never been one to give up on things, partially because I enjoy the satisfaction of finishing some task I’ve set myself, and partially because I get bored when I’m not doing something. You can’t further a nefarious plot carefully laid plan/novel/degree if you pack it in.

Enjoy the easy times, and have a battle plan for the difficult. Coffee helps, I find.

(This is the part where you can include the encouraging cliches and adages of your preference)

Life is too short for regrets.

Power of Suggestion

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