Saturday Night, Uneventful

No, not really. Not yet anyway. I’ve come to the conclusion that Saturday is my worst time for posting something. I just spent about nine minutes browsing the interwebs, three minutes looking at a game I’m playing and… hm, several other minutes quietly hating my blank text box.

I considered the ten-minute stream of consciousness and thought about writing a book review, but haven’t read the book recently enough that I’d be confident reviewing it.

Then I imagined banging out NaNoWriMo all on one day this year, perhaps arising at midnight and departing for sleep at midnight. Who knows on that front, I’ll keep you updated.

I thought about haiku and poems and it’s since occurred to me that I haven’t really done any new poem for my own purpose in a while. I do them for prompts, no worries. I do something under extreme emotion, easy. On a regular day, not so much.

Now, I’m thinking about just how long it has been since I really wrote anything, I’m beginning to feel like I’m just answering a stream of prompt-events. Therefore, I need to create a stockpile of poetry to draft-and-post for the inspiration-dry days.

Already I have one idea, but I think I need to go and dig into the world some more. I just read a book about a girl who goes road-tripping around, so maybe there’s an idea for further down the line.

Okay, it’s an eight-minute stream of consciousness. What if I did a twin-day of haiku? Did you guys know that in the North Island, there are so-called “twin cities”? I could maybe do that, one set of haiku for one prompt and one set for another… what do you, dear reader, think?

Overkill or cutely psuedo-unique?

Reworking The Schedule, Part 17

Okay, maybe not necessarily 17 parts… maybe four. I’m given to hyperbole.

Last week I banged on about how I was streamlining my Stellar and Lunar event so that basically it’d be easier to collect the links. By the way, once I’m done here I intend to go off and post the new one – I’ll add it on Twitter, for the sake of tweetyness.

This left me with a blank space in my schedule, and the realization bugged me most of the day. What would I post next? I can’t have one day free; that’s what Saturdays are for. It would drive me mad to have two days free of schedule.

I got to thinking, as I am wont to do.

Art. I studied art history for a few semesters, and always enjoyed it. Every Thursday I’m going to pick a painting and ramble about it. Why I like it, what appeals to me…. Art Thursday it is.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Flora

he asked her what
her love.

she shrugged one shoulder,
smiled neat white teeth.
they spoke no more
of it.

(life proceeded
just as usual)

things changed,
unnoticed, until
the changes were too

(may as well be
carved in stone)

and after that
she arranged a

(picked at random online
charged a credit card)

flowers arrived in
a hidden vase,
standing tall in clean water.

they wilted under
harsh sun

in the kitchen)

and died the week next.

the card remained new:
as these flowers die,
so too does