there's forty-one emails unread in my inbox. on my phone, five new voicemails go unheard, unanswered. the number stays undialled. three tweets - a quiet yell with the @ and two instagram likes. it's all going on the tally. there's real perseverance, i will concede that. this is a waiting game for a reason though. what… Continue reading ongoing


Over Coffee (53)

If we were having coffee, I'd be a bit of a frazzled, distracted person. We'll meet in a cafe, and I'm trailing a bit of yarn from one of the pieces I cast off earlier. My bag has a notebook and five pens in it, and there is a long list of pieces I plan to… Continue reading Over Coffee (53)

beauty + dreams + exceptional

my dreams tonight are cold, a forgetful haze of ice and snow, a blur of grey and white. by the time i wake up, i'm chilled right through.   there's no beauty to be found in these dreams, cold as they are. all there is, is an exceptional sight: the horizon is all blank.  … Continue reading beauty + dreams + exceptional

tame + flower + simply

tame flowers sit in glass and ceramic vessels, a demure display.   they're simply arranged, logical order of height to best advantage.   they sit for five days before being whisked away and swiftly replaced.

heart + need + believe

i don't believe you. you're most difficult to read at the best of times.   your words are raw and unpracticed. this is not what my heart needs right now.   my mind is quick, draws conclusions you need not spell out. i know too much.

More Knitting Adventures

My brain is still wired to socks right now. I'm about 10 rows away from casting off the one I'm working on, and then I just have to seam it. I've just surfaced from the Word document I have open, wherein I'm adding ideas and certainly not writing down combinations to later begin designing socks.… Continue reading More Knitting Adventures

Over Coffee (52)

If we were having coffee, I'd be in the midst of knitting. At the moment I'm teaching myself to knit socks on two single-pointed needles, and so far I've mastered the decrease. It's the increase that's proving difficult. It's an awesome wool I'm using, all fluffy-ish and so soft. Pics to come, if I complete… Continue reading Over Coffee (52)