Introducing: Not Your Masterpiece

So... the "new schedule" I mentioned the other day. It kind of got chucked into a cupboard and lost behind a pile of sticky notes. I would've done this post yesterday, but that went into preparing for today, which was the start of that new job. Yay me! It's kind of a big space, I could… Continue reading Introducing: Not Your Masterpiece


horizon + blink

clouds hover over the horizon. blink and they're gone. they melt away soon.   there's a clatter of cars in the background, distant from this cold hilltop.   and in the foreground the sky looks close enough to touch, before night falls.

Over Coffee (57)

If we were having coffee it'd be on the go today. I've got a few chores that need to be dealt with before I start working next week, so I think I'll go with a green smoothie instead. Might be better energy-wise. I'd tell you about the exasperating things my computer has been doing, and… Continue reading Over Coffee (57)

nature + peace + loophole

there's a forest at my backyard. all i have to do is open the door, walk fifty-six steps to my right and nature is there.   i hike. there are a few short trails, leading to unseen bits of land. there's peace to be found, walking through dense trees and bits of scrub.   no-one… Continue reading nature + peace + loophole

press + study + touch

press me for answers; pull back a minute, regroup, and find a new tack.   study my words like you're a codebreaker, fill in the blanks where you can.   this is a tricky subject: needs a delicate touch. no guarantees.  

Monday, Monday – Etsy

I've been rattling around and killing time before the new job starts in a week. There's a few things still to be done, and I've managed to get a couple of them done while still dealing with Second Sock Syndrome - or as I put it on Twitter, 1 3/4 Sock Syndrome. All that's left… Continue reading Monday, Monday – Etsy

background noise

the radio plays in the kitchen, just slightly off the station now.   static rattles through the air, fills eardrums with white noise that means nothing.   a dial is turned and the station clears, back to loudly-coloured noise.