2018, Revised

I know I've done a fair bit of banging on about how I'm going to revise the blog schedule, make it so I've always got something lined up, and I think it's about time I put on my thinking cap. Photography. It's not something I do much of, but I'm thinking I should rectify that… Continue reading 2018, Revised


lecture + romantic + poetry

there is a stack of books, heaped so high as to be a menace. they reach to just below my hip, unless i'm forearmed with thick-soled shoes.   they contain poems, some more romantic than their companions. others cling to the soul, magically bound to the mind, staying on.   i could lecture you on… Continue reading lecture + romantic + poetry

conjure + quick + slip

conjure up a quick story, slip it in through a gap in the windows.   wait for it to be opened, envelope torn and then soon devoured.   wait for it to be learned, memorized and later yet, distributed.

shy + blush + permit

the sky softens, goes blush- pink in the earliest part of the morning.   the horizon is streaked with fluffy clouds, all vibrantly-toned pinks.   a shy blush, some would call it, and an old wives' line says it permits rain.

transport + exercise + tardy

the summer sun blares down on the suburb as i walk to my final destination. work starts soon and it's my first day. not late yet.   heat rises, shimmers in the air as the minutes tick on. i'm making good time, and walking is great transport. free, and exercise.   the air-con of the building greets… Continue reading transport + exercise + tardy

Introducing: Not Your Masterpiece

So... the "new schedule" I mentioned the other day. It kind of got chucked into a cupboard and lost behind a pile of sticky notes. I would've done this post yesterday, but that went into preparing for today, which was the start of that new job. Yay me! It's kind of a big space, I could… Continue reading Introducing: Not Your Masterpiece

horizon + blink

clouds hover over the horizon. blink and they're gone. they melt away soon.   there's a clatter of cars in the background, distant from this cold hilltop.   and in the foreground the sky looks close enough to touch, before night falls.