Letters to Euturpe

Welcome to the homepage for my new blog-event, featuring every Thursday.

If you’re a fan of Greek mythology like I am, maybe you’ve heard of the nine Greek muses. As the story goes, these nine ladies were the daughters of Zeus, inspiring mortals in arts and occasional sciences. I’ve selected Euturpe for her relationship to music. I find nowadays I can’t go without music very long; perhaps you’re the same.

In mind of this, then, every week I intend to post a song lyric or link to a song which inspired me. Your task, if you choose to accept, will be to take the song away with you. Listen on the bus. Play it mentally at work during the dull patches. Have it as background at dinner. However you take in music.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Fiction only, please. Flash fiction between 6 – 1000 words. Poetry. Haiku. Whatever suits you.
  • I will give you a song lyric and your task is to take it as inspiration. Listen to the song on the bus, or when you’re cooking dinner, or just going about your daily life.
  • I operate on New Zealand time (Wellington time zone) and will post new updates each Thursday NZ time.
  • You’ll just need to drop each link here as a pingback.

If you want it linked further (Twitter, Facebook) tweet me the link or drop it on the Facebook page – both are linked to in the widgets on the sidebar. Add letters to euturpe in the tag so we can find it in the Reader.

I’ll also do a weekly roundup/link thing.

You can find a list of all challenges here.

Happy writing!