Stellar and Lunar

Your prompt for the week (25 February – 3 March) is sky-high.

The rules:

  • While this is a fiction challenge, poems, are welcomed with open arms. Otherwise, any fiction under 1,500 words… tiny stories, if you want.
  • I will post a new challenge each Thursday (New Zealand time) and you have a week to complete it. I preferred, when this challenge was in its origins, to create an individual new post rather than trying to work out the magic-page thingy. (Those are some top-grade shenanigans, I tells you.)
  • You can either drop a link in the comments on the week’s challenge post, or create a pingback.
  • Or you can come to the challenge page (here) and drop the link/pingback to it.

Okay. That’s that. I’m going to pop over to the challenge’s page (up top with the categories) and update that to match this. You will also find challenges on there as they change each week. Tag it with Stellar and Lunar in the post, use hashtag #stellarandlunar or tweet it to me on Twitter. Drop it on the Facebook page, too. I have both of those linked up in the widgets.


51 thoughts on “Stellar and Lunar”

    1. Thanks for the follow and the contribution. I’m about to run out into the rain, but I’ll read and link later 🙂

      (Also about to post the FB link on here, if you’re interested)


  1. Hi Sarah, I found your event challenge via Daily Post’s event listing and this challenge is really “Reaching Out” to me ^^’ I would love to participate in your latest challenge.


  2. Hi, Sarah, is it okay if I write something non-fiction? I have a blog about mythology, so I thought maybe I could write from that angle, since I don’t really do fiction or poetry.


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