anticipate + explosion + blocked

she's waiting by the computer, pacing, watchful, eyes trained on the screen. the email inbox, empty, stays clear - still nothing new comes in.   she anticipates something, though she is unsure what she's looking for. under her feet, the floor is cold. an error pops up: blocked.   message blocked, same as all the tries… Continue reading anticipate + explosion + blocked


the inversion

you begin. one proposition, oft repeated throughout the years. so patient of you, but not now. what about now, you ask sorry, new goals. you do understand, thank you; later, promise. too many years wear by the promise broken. i'm sorry, what more can i do? my turn.


cold anxiety andwhite-hot fear mingle.goosebumps, in the middleof summer - it's too warm, and I can't help being anxious.muscles tense and I can't focus on anything else.iron willpower crumblesin the face of this, still pending.rescue remedy runs too much andsend overly-long's not enough though,it never is.judgement day.are you good enough?wait and see.yes or no, thereis… Continue reading anxiety