beat + vague + party

i don't want to be party to all that you want me to be, ever.   miss a beat in the main point, tell me how i could be. vague terms; confused.   ignore my way of thinking; shut down argument and go on your way.

fun + sun + crank

sun glows neon-bright in the midday sky. this time of year, it's not warm.   beams of light ripple through trees; trying to capture the image is fun.   later, i crank the lever on a wishing well and toss some coins back.

worship + goddess + inefficient

clumsy hands move to light a line of candles, all shrouded in shadow.   movements are slow, and inefficient. the goddess will not be pleased yet.   she waits for a sign, ready to demonstrate her worship, and falters.

blush + chance + encounter

there's blush pink tinting the sky, glowing across too much space to fathom.   a dress is dyed in dark pink which lightens as it dries: it remains unnamed.   it's gone light, called blush pink, equal to the sky's tone and all quite by chance.

slim + chance + captivating

you're captivating, they say. what they don't tell you (yet) is how or why.   sometimes you think there's a slim chance of getting to know. it doesn't happen.   understanding is a game, one played by half the players and won by none.

typical + sneak + night

typical summer night, densely humid, and still air-con's not enough.   sneak to the kitchen, find a glass of ice water still dripping with cold.   morning dawns, dark and crisp, cold air curling around the bus stop's edges.

sweet + tart + imagination

candy, soft and sweet, soon gives way to sharp tart tastes - mouth-twistingly so.   chocolate, rich and dark, leaves the imagination pondering sugar.   and the end of the bar fades, dipped in hot coffee, mingling bitter-sweet.