The Faux Landlords

Welcome to the homepage of my “The Faux Landlords” series. I’m going to keep adding to it over the next few timespans, as inspiration occurs. It might or might not become a novel, though I’m considering working it up into something novel-like. At the moment, chances are good of at least throwing this into the NaNoWriMo ring in November.

I began this series as a response to a Daily Prompt challenge some months ago, and the response was good – enough that I decided to continue it. If memory serves, the prompt was something along the lines of “You walk into your living room and a couple of people are sitting there – what happens next?” Anyway, that sparked Part 1, which sparked off a domino effect.

Part One, “The Faux Landlords”

Part Two, “The Faux Landlords Return”

Part Three, “To Appease the Faux Landlords”

Part Four, “The Faux Landlords’ Odd Trio”

Part Five, “Tea and Cake With a Faux Landlord”

Part Six, “The Faux Landlords’ Empire”

Part Seven, “Passenger of a Faux Landlord”

Part Eight, “Interlude: Faux Landlords, Studying the Universe”

Part Nine, “The Faux Landlords’ Act”

Part Ten, “Studying Faux Landlords”

Right now this will be the major list of every challenge. As I write updates, I will move the oldest links off this page and create a child page under the Faux Landlords heading – stop the page getting too cluttered with updates. Hope you enjoy!


6 thoughts on “The Faux Landlords”

  1. I can help you with what you need.
    “It seems that I might not be able to add a new post directly onto this page (unless anyone knows otherwise) “


  2. One option would be to have an intro or blurb about the story on this page. Then you could create drop-down pages from the menu, so when you hover over ‘The Faux Landlords’ it would drop down to show ‘Part 1, Part 2,…etc.’ As you write each part you can add another drop-down to the menu.

    You can see how it would look by going to your blog theme and clicking “demo”.


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