Challenges List

This is where I’ll keep the full list of all challenges, as they go up each Thursday.

September 10 (current) Magic.

September 3 (repeated from August 27; now finished) Visiting outer space.

August 27 (finished; repeated) Visiting outer space.

August 20 (finished) Enduring.

August 13 (finished) Hopeful.

August 6 (finished) Impact.

July 30 (finished) Velocity and/or Value.

July 23 (finished) Miscellaneous, Miscellanea.

July 16 (finished) Nietzsche Quote.

July 9 (finished) Spite.

July 2 (finished) Immortality.

June 25 (finished) Triumph and/or An Astronomy First.

June 18 (finished) Perspective.

June 11 (finished) Shakespeare Quote.

June 4 (finished) Loss or Losing.

May 28 (finished) Scattering, Distribution.

May 21 (finished) Reaching Out.

May 14 (finished) Dreams, Distance.


5 thoughts on “Challenges List”

    1. Ooh… I’d completely forgotten about that. I’d stopped adding to the list – rather, just adding a new prompt each Thursday and changing the S&L homepage to update that.

      Did you find the list easier to use?

      Thanks for bringing this up!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The list was kind of a log for all the previous challenges. If you could just continue that page updating with new links, and create a new post for each challenge..that would be great! 🙂


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