Over Coffee (38)

If we were having coffee┬áI'd be running a bit behind. I got distracted doing my language practice and my head's rattling around new words, turning each new word over and inspecting it. One of these days, I really am just going to blast through all the "chapters" and reiterate it all. Consolidate. Conjugate. And so … Continue reading Over Coffee (38)

Letters to Euturpe: 47

I spent some time today on the Auto-Didactic trail. It's quite enjoyable but I think the keyboard's never going to forgive me, and I do find I have to wonder what kind of mischief the folks at Duolingo are up to. There's clearly some shenanigans going on there, but I've yet to work out what. … Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 47

Word Crush Monday: Euripides

I keep forgetting to read a book to review, so for the foreseeable Monday will bring you quotes. So far this evening I've spent some time on the Auto-Didactic Education just for the sheer amusement it brings. Well, maybe amusement isn't the right word, but it works just as well.  It appears my computer is … Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Euripides