in transit

she's a wanderer. she leaves traces of herself everywhere that she goes, trailing bits of forgotten stories like silk scarves trailing on the wind - perfume hangs in the air when she exits a room, toothbrushes bought in bulk and left like some sort of dental gingerbread path. in the evening is her favourite time … Continue reading in transit


dawn cracks the sky open, bleeding pink and pale red over the horizon. sunlight blasts through every available space, beyond glowing, beyond luminous. light catches on my surroundings, setting everything alight, a harsh glare after the smooth dark of night. below my feet, concrete sparkles; all around me, glass is striking to the eye, confusing … Continue reading luminous

A Mid-Year Update

I know, it's not exactly mid-year anymore. Not properly, that ship sailed weeks ago, but last night I sat down and covered two sides of A4 paper in unnaturally-neat writing, spanning an Ultimate List of Things for 2017. I have prepared for several things, the first of which is considering ditching Letters to Euturpe, and the last of … Continue reading A Mid-Year Update

Letters to Euturpe: 65

AKA Sarah's Adventures in HTML. Okay. Breathing quietly now. I am calm. I am bright. Shoot, that sounded remarkably like an egotistical Christmas carol... nah, I'm not starting this post over. Took me ages to remember what number this post is supposed to be. You guys. I had so much trouble with the HTML code tonight and … Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 65

wild + domesticated + soil

flames flicker in the fireplace, slow to start - paper is quick to ignite, but there's no staying power. there's just lots of potential.   by the hearth, a cat curls up, warming its paws on rough-hewn stone flooring. domesticated for now, and back to wild mischief soon.   (and you, under the sunlight, with … Continue reading wild + domesticated + soil