water + universe + buff

under the water a parallel universe is hidden, waiting to be discovered. beyond the deep surface, secrets wait.   harsh ocean tides buff the clifftop into a smooth surface, craggy and always looking just weeks from being fully eroded.   sunlight glows off the plane of the water, skimming over it, artless and hinting at … Continue reading water + universe + buff

growth + wisdom + catapult

catapulted from an abstract state of mind, it's time to start┬áthinking. there's something to think about, and it gives such a challenge.   learning by rote and by doing; there's something to be said for wisdom. (which one gives the best result? it's hard to be truly sure)   learn on and call it growth, … Continue reading growth + wisdom + catapult

Off the Hook Monday, Round 1

I'm back! I spent three days partially crook at home, sore throat that is tickling again. I also spent a bit of time ruminating over where this blog is headed - a mini hiatus, really - and decided the Word Crush Monday wasn't doing it for me. Instagram seems like a good place for quotes, … Continue reading Off the Hook Monday, Round 1