blush + chance + encounter

there's blush pink tinting the sky, glowing across too much space to fathom.   a dress is dyed in dark pink which lightens as it dries: it remains unnamed.   it's gone light, called blush pink, equal to the sky's tone and all quite by chance.

sweet + tart + imagination

candy, soft and sweet, soon gives way to sharp tart tastes - mouth-twistingly so.   chocolate, rich and dark, leaves the imagination pondering sugar.   and the end of the bar fades, dipped in hot coffee, mingling bitter-sweet.


there's forty-one emails unread in my inbox. on my phone, five new voicemails go unheard, unanswered. the number stays undialled. three tweets - a quiet yell with the @ and two instagram likes. it's all going on the tally. there's real perseverance, i will concede that. this is a waiting game for a reason though. what… Continue reading ongoing

tame + flower + simply

tame flowers sit in glass and ceramic vessels, a demure display.   they're simply arranged, logical order of height to best advantage.   they sit for five days before being whisked away and swiftly replaced.

over coffee (48)

if we were having coffee i'd suggest we do so at home. it's rained most of the day and i already got one pair of shoes wet. thanks for coming over, by the way. let me just put away this apple crumble and find something to make. what are you in the mood for? i… Continue reading over coffee (48)

to soothe

she unwinds from the day the moment she walks in the door. shoes are kicked off and lain on the rack; keys, deposited in a bowl by the door and bags dropped under the table. the stiff blazer is dropped over the back of a chair as she walks in sock-feet to the lounge. swaps… Continue reading to soothe


every day when she wakes up she rises from the bed - a mess of silks and heavy cashmere. swaps her matching silk for more silk, sweeps her hair into finery - civilized - and does her makeup. people pass her by in the street scanning her outfits (it's a tiny village and people talk when… Continue reading howl