Vignette (2)

The shop is tiny, the very definition of a hole-in-the wall - at least, assuming there is a wall. People huddle together, each staring at a smartphone or with headphones on. They're all waiting for their turn to order a coffee, and they pay quickly. The outside of the store is very plain, advertising coffee and… Continue reading Vignette (2)



walking through the night streetlights glow through thin curtains - wind echoes a song. a ghost walks on soft feet, treading by candlelight: wisps of smoke follow. mirror in a dark room - there stands a shadow. she looks like she knows me.

poetry 101 rehab: scream + circus

label me: cool. smart. fun. interesting. this is both the best and worst thing you can do. (you never stopped to see if i could live up to it) i'm kicking at the window, swirly-patterned glass distorting our shared view. see me - do you see me? (do you only see what you would like… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: scream + circus

poetry 101 rehab: deliberation

here, mademoiselle, a row of masks - all designed to your specifications. (one to hide calm; three to hide chaos - four to demonstrate apathy) wait - monsieur - where is the chaos i requested? -my last briefing, at its most detailed had a description of madness. ah, you do not see it - i… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: deliberation