she flicks the map that takes up one-third of wall space. on her desk, there's a spinning globe: sometimes she taps it to set it rotating. unfocuses her eyes and lets the world blur past. she makes a list, writing alphabetically, reverse-alphabetically and flips it around again. scrambles the order, calls up online travel literature.… Continue reading wanderlust

the lamb

she draws up her battle plan, pulls on cloak and hood. she writes, cataloguing a long list of disapprovers. they all have one thing in common: when pressed, they find something to change about her. she makes her list, checks it over. no need to add spelling and grammar, syntax, to her list of repairable traits.… Continue reading the lamb


she collects pebbles until her hands are stiff. her fingers cramp up from inspecting them and her skirt pocket tears away under the weight. at home she tucks them into corners, glues them in place. tries not to breathe in the fumes. the leather satchel is torn, strips of material peeling away in places and… Continue reading vulnerable

flattery + reward + trial

stage one: butter up, create a clever word play hope it all pays off.   stage three: flattery. spin words in a mock trial wait for the verdict.   stage five: still waiting. calmly fretful as the word is spoken: reward.

Vignette (2)

The shop is tiny, the very definition of a hole-in-the wall - at least, assuming there is a wall. People huddle together, each staring at a smartphone or with headphones on. They're all waiting for their turn to order a coffee, and they pay quickly. The outside of the store is very plain, advertising coffee and… Continue reading Vignette (2)