meandering (400)

on the third saturday of every second month, i have a routine. i arise at dawn, prepare from scratch dough for bread. while i count the petals of the flowers i ordered online, the dough sits in a hot water cupboard and rises, enough for baking. all of this is done in silence, the only… Continue reading meandering (400)


NaPoWriMo 10 (misplaced)

i have misplaced myself. have you seen me around somewhere? i am the shadowy figure you think you hallucinate. (mainly on a darkened evening; tea poured, the light has nothing better to do than trick you) yes, that's me - the lost wanderer skimming through cobbled rainy streets before you get the chance to remember… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 10 (misplaced)

The Hidden Road

I'm not generally one to get lost. I can navigate myself around quite well. Give me street names and landmarks and if I'm familiar with the area I can deliver you to the door, if I'm so inclined.So this one time, I found out about a bookstore. I guess you'd call it a 'mom and pop… Continue reading The Hidden Road