Creation of a Fabulist

Flash Fiction July, 12 I'm a fabulist. I pretend this is my confession, but I'm saying these words to someone who doesn't even know the word, if the blank look on her face is anything to go by. She's smiling in a sort of vague way, as if unsure whether she ought to be complimenting or… Continue reading Creation of a Fabulist


power, 1.2 (150)

build up a story-tower, weave it into being with words and magic. hold it together with love and hope, chase it up with creation for the sake of it. scrawl across a mirror in lipstick a profession of delight; lift and assemble every piece of masonry yourself. (feel the ache as muscles pull and develop their own… Continue reading power, 1.2 (150)

the storyteller

you are not half the storyteller you imagine yourself to be. your stories are verbose, unfailingly tedious, formulaic. you drone; bluster and flail. (use one thousand words when a hundred  will do) and exaggerate so wildly that every story becomes a saga: wait while i get popcorn and a sprite. (could take a while) drag… Continue reading the storyteller