NaPoWriMo 9 (green)

she palms the stack of green paper,
freshly spit out of the
counts it once, twice –
all as should be
and returns to the office.

(it doesn’t feel as heavy
in her bag 
as expected)

she gets back and works
longer days – one hour,
two hours. it makes no
difference to her.

(the paychecks are
each time)

and one day her boss
signs her holiday agreement.
she’s surprised to realize:
it has already been
one year.

(how did that happen?)

she goes to a little hotel
outskirts of town.
her room overlooks
a forest.
green, as far as the eye
can see.

she gets lost more times
than she’d care to admit;
fills up two memory cards
with photos of hikes.
this green is all-encompassing,

(when she gets back,
she quits her job)


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