Milestones Counted

It wasn't the first time, and it wouldn't be the last. A new folder hit the desk, twenty clear plastic envelopes sealed inside. On the spine, #37 was printed, blocky numerals clashing with the semi-curly writing, and she sighed. Another set of annual reports coming up, her thirty-fifth (the first two had been haphazardly done by someone with… Continue reading Milestones Counted


Story of the Door (400)

The decision to paint the door green was not spur-of-the-moment. It'd begun when she'd moved to a new neighbourhood, the kind where people craned their necks to see you over the fence but wouldn't speak with you until there was a need. It was the kind of street where people would assess you, then rush… Continue reading Story of the Door (400)

Analogue Tales

I had to briefly look up analogue, because while I know the word, I had to go and get a solid definition. It's a weird word to me, not being something I use or even think about in my daily life. Over the last, hmm, ten, twelve years I've been going incrementally more digital in… Continue reading Analogue Tales

inventing adventure (300)

she wanted to know about my purpose. how, she implored, had i found it so young? in her world, purpose was a thing you found after you'd done a few years' sensible work, maybe some careful mapping out. she was a scheduler, a planner, and she didn't understand my methods - or my madness. i crafted… Continue reading inventing adventure (300)

lies i tell (400)

sorry. sorry, darlings, that i'm not the woman you want me to be. i'm so sorry that i'm inflexible, that i don't believe in changing myself purely for you. and for all the mes that you want me to be, the carbon-blotted copies you believe could exist in a hundred other universes - the girls you think… Continue reading lies i tell (400)

NaPoWriMo 10 (misplaced)

i have misplaced myself. have you seen me around somewhere? i am the shadowy figure you think you hallucinate. (mainly on a darkened evening; tea poured, the light has nothing better to do than trick you) yes, that's me - the lost wanderer skimming through cobbled rainy streets before you get the chance to remember… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 10 (misplaced)