creation of an isolation (300)

lay down your weary head and sleep. tonight is the night that the sleeping draft works its way through your veins, bringing you out of your waking troubles. (tomorrow is the day it will lift, leaving you too foggy to contemplate issues anew) flutter through the days in a haze of consciousness, drifting through meetings on… Continue reading creation of an isolation (300)


reflective (300)

it's cold, almost bone-rattling cold and the rain hammers the windows, streaking down against a backdrop of flat gray skies. a tiny space heater does nothing to take away the chill of the overly-large office; the patchwork blanket i keep tucked under the desk does nothing to brighten the cream-and-white room. it is sunday morning, and… Continue reading reflective (300)

NaPoWriMo 12 (bedtime)

inversion - magic spell activates upon reaching the pillow. night, so total you can't see further than the end of your nose - engulfs you. senses deprived - hearing, however, is not. rain thrumming over the roof and darkness collide. the ideas flow in and peace is disrupted. nighttime musings commence. (the night is a… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 12 (bedtime)

The Brainwave

Okay, so I puzzled over this for all of a minute before I decided on my best brainwave. It wasn't that I misunderstood the prompt: quite the opposite. I got it. I do a really good job of having brainwaves. The problem lay in choosing it - and, incidentally, this led me to another one. See? My mind… Continue reading The Brainwave

Poetry 101 Rehab: Decisions

doubt. this could go either way. it's completely unpredictable. (attempt at further discerning will fail) educated. guesswork factors in too much. try to draw up lists, pros and cons. (there are too many unknown factors) consequence. ripples that come from throwing a stone into a pond. (you never know quite how far they will reach)… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Decisions

Processing Information

I disagree with this. I don't think it's the overload of information that causes people to lose common sense. It's what they do with the information. Anecdote time: I've been a longtime watcher of Pretty Little Liars. For those of you who don't know, it's about a clique of girls who are stalked by someone impersonating their… Continue reading Processing Information

Thinking Caps On

It's generally at night when I do my best thinking.At night I'm not on a bus, so I'm not being annoyed by the daily commute. Mornings are ruled out by virtue of the fact that I'm not a morning person (which leads me to wonder how I managed to spring out of bed at 8am) and… Continue reading Thinking Caps On


This is how it has to be. Photos scattered across the floor, some with edges frayed from being torn out of an album. My mobile is just out of reach. I'd have to move to pick it up, but that seems like too much work. It's tempting. It would be so easy to pick it… Continue reading Decision