sacred (400)

the runes are laid out, slicing a circle into twelve even pieces on the forest floor. in the centre is lucky thirteen, added on a whim. in the carver's pocket there's a spare twig and a rumpled bit of parchment detailing the meaning of each one. technically it's not breaking any rules. nor is the… Continue reading sacred (400)


NaPoWriMo 8 (superstition)

remember all the rituals i created? one: only ever drink coffee righthanded. (preferably on a monday, whilst wearing purple nail polish) two: only appraise your appearance in a broken mirror. (this way you have to learn to look past flaws) three: you need whimsy. (remember to keep doors unlocked, partially unscrewed: the better to usher in… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 8 (superstition)

The Ritual

Every Friday it's like clockwork. She pours a coffee and reads the news, or watches it - though the second is a deviation from the written version. She waits until the coffee has cooled for three minutes, drains it and repeats. The early-on jitters have all but stopped now, she is so used to the… Continue reading The Ritual