NaPoWriMo 10 (misplaced)

i have misplaced myself. have you seen me around somewhere? i am the shadowy figure you think you hallucinate. (mainly on a darkened evening; tea poured, the light has nothing better to do than trick you) yes, that's me - the lost wanderer skimming through cobbled rainy streets before you get the chance to remember… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 10 (misplaced)


Poetry 101 Rehab: Missing

you dreamed that i was missing, and that you could not find me. (it's like you always wanted) and i dreamed you were there, trying to anchor me. oh darling, don't you u n d e r stand yet i am not made to be here for you. (i am not to be with you) and… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Missing