NaPoWriMo 7 (tricky)

excavations begin,
mining underway.

digging deep to find you
in the vestiges of
old memory.
it’s trickier than

these files should be
somewhere, but they’re
hard to locate.

your indignation at this slight
is not necessary.
perhaps you should be
here somewhere –
you are not.

eyes faded and
voice little more
than a whisper;
i can’t simply conjure
memory from

the files i’m looking for –
they’re not here
any longer. 


5 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 7 (tricky)”

  1. I like how the melody is giving some anxiety and despair until it’s coming down to the final realization in the end.


    1. Oh, thank you! I was partially inspired by a story I’m working on… and the fact that when I try to drag up a memory, at least 40% of the time it doesn’t work.

      (Of course, 2am is another story entirely…)


      1. I know exactly what you mean.

        Writing in the middle of the night is something I tend to do as well. Although sometimes it’s because I woke because of an idea and sometimes because I really like hanging around the pub. Friends and new companions can be quite inspiring. As does a nice draught beer 😉


      2. Sounds familiar, arising in the middle of the night to haphazardly scrawl words on a notepad in the dark… I don’t really frequent pubs, but I do like cafes.

        (What on earth is a draught beer?)


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