A Day Spent Elsewhere

I spent today hiking. There were boats involved, and a slightly worrying wrong turn wherein my co-hiker and I scrambled to be unlost. My mind latched on to something I was saying somewhere around the second field of rock, and won't let go. It thinks the idea wants to be a poem, but my brain… Continue reading A Day Spent Elsewhere


Flash Fiction July: Update

I was going to write a piece of creative somethings today, but I've so many ideas fluttering and one new story idea hanging out in my mind that I decided to give myself a break. Instead, I figured, I could update you on my Flash Fiction July shenanigans. We're halfway through June now, so it… Continue reading Flash Fiction July: Update

Flash Fiction July

So tonight I figured I'd get a minor head-start on the scheme I've been planning all week. I mentioned it the other night, but tonight's a good night to discuss it in further detail. You may have noticed that I'm a little bit in love with flash fiction. Normally, I keep it to under 400… Continue reading Flash Fiction July

NaPoWriMo 12 (bedtime)

inversion - magic spell activates upon reaching the pillow. night, so total you can't see further than the end of your nose - engulfs you. senses deprived - hearing, however, is not. rain thrumming over the roof and darkness collide. the ideas flow in and peace is disrupted. nighttime musings commence. (the night is a… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 12 (bedtime)

The Thinker

I hunted out my iPod today. It'd slipped to the bottom of a bag, as it tends to do - it's not even all that tiny to get lost easily. At a guess I'd say it's about the size of an iPhone, not that I am versed in these things. Miraculously, the battery wasn't run-down yet.… Continue reading The Thinker

Question Time

Ugh, I fear I'm slipping back into old habits: posting about the mundane things and bypassing the creative writing which this blog is supposed to centre on. I have, at this point, an overabundance of ideas. A couple of weeks I sat down, phone in hand at tea break, and just typed all these stray… Continue reading Question Time

the dam

ideas weaving together spilling into a river. together they form inspirations. it's kind of a dream. coming true minute after minute. together there's a barrier stopping them in place. go to write - fingers are slack around a pen, unfocused and lax on a keyboard. (it's purely psychological right?)

on quiet

ideas swirl through my being, not unlike snowflakes - now you see them. now you don't. and thoughts are a chaser collecting new ideas as they appear - best to record them. communication is blocked a new lack of methods and the inclination leaves again. (twist the words, bend them to your mind and compel… Continue reading on quiet