Housekeeping, Part 23

Well, it feels like Part 23. It's Sunday evening and I don't have a prompt for haiku that I like, and I've yet to do the Duolingo German practice. It's Sunday, and I'm several weeks out from my birthday, weeks now, so I guess I'm in the right frame of mind for a Let's Question Everything… Continue reading Housekeeping, Part 23


day 115

i'm uninspired tonight. recently i created a new list, tucked into an app i use. i pretend the app keeps me organized but it really doesn't. anyway, the list. i gave it a good title and placed it in its alphabetical spot. then i filled it in with fifteen new ideas for poems. tonight, when… Continue reading day 115

A Day Spent Elsewhere

I spent today hiking. There were boats involved, and a slightly worrying wrong turn wherein my co-hiker and I scrambled to be unlost. My mind latched on to something I was saying somewhere around the second field of rock, and won't let go. It thinks the idea wants to be a poem, but my brain… Continue reading A Day Spent Elsewhere

Over Coffee (20)

If we were having coffee, you'd first notice the black paint stains on my hands and fingernails. I've begun painting, and have an idea laid out ready to complete once the first layer of paint dries. Right now there's a little canvas, freshly painted black and waiting the next step. Call it a teaching-self thing.… Continue reading Over Coffee (20)

Flash Fiction July: Update

I was going to write a piece of creative somethings today, but I've so many ideas fluttering and one new story idea hanging out in my mind that I decided to give myself a break. Instead, I figured, I could update you on my Flash Fiction July shenanigans. We're halfway through June now, so it… Continue reading Flash Fiction July: Update

Flash Fiction July

So tonight I figured I'd get a minor head-start on the scheme I've been planning all week. I mentioned it the other night, but tonight's a good night to discuss it in further detail. You may have noticed that I'm a little bit in love with flash fiction. Normally, I keep it to under 400… Continue reading Flash Fiction July

NaPoWriMo 12 (bedtime)

inversion - magic spell activates upon reaching the pillow. night, so total you can't see further than the end of your nose - engulfs you. senses deprived - hearing, however, is not. rain thrumming over the roof and darkness collide. the ideas flow in and peace is disrupted. nighttime musings commence. (the night is a… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 12 (bedtime)