Vignette (4)

There's a house-cafe on the street corner. It's incongruously placed in the middle of the city,  where you expect to find tall office buildings and functional apartment blocks - not so much a two-storey house with a front yard and parking space. In front, in the yard is a mini-cart. It's not unlike a street cart,… Continue reading Vignette (4)


stubborn + symmetry

the building falls, a tower in wreckage: no such thing as symmetry.   builders swarm the house, day-by-day rebuilding the manor: great anew.   sprawled over acres stubbornly symmetrical - stunning (imposing).

Contemplation of a Manor

Flash Fiction July, 5. Sometimes I see the house. It normally appears on the nights that I haven't taken anything promoting sleep, haven't done anything more than light a candle when readying for bed. Some nights, I complete a ritual before sleep, and it doesn't do anything for my dreams. Tonight, I've only burned down the… Continue reading Contemplation of a Manor

Just Thursday Blog Hop: Water Glass

The glass, part-filled with slightly cloudy water has sat on the nightstand for three days now. It’s becoming my own little joke – to come home and see if you’ve moved it yet. So far you haven’t, and I’ve decided to see how long it will stay there. There are still boxes everywhere, half-unpacked boxes… Continue reading Just Thursday Blog Hop: Water Glass

A Countryside Mansion

I have a lot of plans for this mansion I've just inherited.To begin with, I will ensure the outside is secure. It will be very bricky, and the windows will have cream coloured shutters to contrast with the darkness of the bricks. So will the front door.I'm going to have a lot of modern amenities.… Continue reading A Countryside Mansion

The Bibliophile’s Home

If I could go anywhere it'd be the constructed place in my mind that has a lot of books.This place is based on a real place I once went, a little town with a lot of beachiness, and the house we stayed in was totally wood. Inside and out, the walls were horizontal panels of… Continue reading The Bibliophile’s Home