Day 186

So. I'm back, only not really because all the things I've been planning have sort of gone by the wayside a little bit. A while ago I mentally summarized how the past year has been, or the last six months, or something. I don't really remember it, but I do remember hitting some main keys.… Continue reading Day 186

Day 136

I think it's Day 136 anyway. All I know is I have a headache encroaching and I'm technically still in recovery mode. Strictly speaking I probably shouldn't be on here at all right now, I should be curled up in bed. I have the self-taught habit however of daily blog posts. It's a whole thing… Continue reading Day 136

Day 135

Tonight you get just a general update. It's been kind of a stressful weekend and I'm tired enough that I'm not going to Write Creatively. I have been meaning to get back to my Saturdaily Faux Landlords, but also I don't quite have an idea for that right now. We're 135 days into the year, which bewilders… Continue reading Day 135

Dear Self…

Dear Writers' Block, I know you. You're like that one kid hiding at the back of the lecture theatre, hanging out all quiet and sneaky-like. Think yourself pretty cool. And then you get yourself all emboldened and move to the front row. I know your little tricks. Hey, Sarah. Here I am. I'll stop you writing… Continue reading Dear Self…

Creature of Habit

It's technically been a long week, and more literally a short week, but I've been staring down a blank screen for an hour and it feels like there's a wall between my computer screen and the creative writing I have stockpiled. Or, you know, the drafts and ideas I have going. (All 7,132 of them,… Continue reading Creature of Habit

Food and Life

Okay, I'm employing Wildcard Monday again. I'm sure this was supposed to be Etsy Monday, but also it was a public holiday. Threw my schedule out of whack, not to mention the hour I spent writing fan-fiction. So, daily prompt it is. I love food, or at least the consuming thereof. I don't know I'd go so… Continue reading Food and Life

A Computerless Day

I'm sick (again) so you get a Daily Prompt answer (again). Turns out I'm low on iron and there's some random little virus at home in my body. Hurray! Anyway. Once I stopped staring silently at the cursor, I tried to picture life without my computer. Here's a breakdown (no, not that sort) TV. Admittedly, not a big part… Continue reading A Computerless Day