horizon + blink

clouds hover over the horizon. blink and they're gone. they melt away soon.   there's a clatter of cars in the background, distant from this cold hilltop.   and in the foreground the sky looks close enough to touch, before night falls.

silk + skin + athletic

athletic frame draped in silk, a second skin, waits for fabric to warm.   perfume is absorbed into the fibres, starting to take own its shape.   the dress is packed up already coming alive with its new owner.


she has a revelation, one morning. the sky is still dark, dawn starting over the horizon amidst a bed of fog. she looks at herself in the window, darklit and shadowy, and her face is crossed with the fine netting of a lace curtain. three layers of protection, she reminds herself on the sharper days.… Continue reading serendipity

growth + wisdom + catapult

catapulted from an abstract state of mind, it's time to start thinking. there's something to think about, and it gives such a challenge.   learning by rote and by doing; there's something to be said for wisdom. (which one gives the best result? it's hard to be truly sure)   learn on and call it growth,… Continue reading growth + wisdom + catapult


it's nothing personal, she assures me. she looks especially pink today, light glowing off pink lip gloss and shimmering on chemical-pink hair. i just think you could do better. she never specifies what better is, but it seems to look a lot like capitulation.  

vision + temporary

early morning haze temporarily blocks my vision. there's a soft layer of ice over my surroundings, stuck there with sleep.   through the windows the horizon is distorted. condensation runs down the glass, helped by the sun as it's rising, shining weak heat.   the world outside is blurred, a mess of lines and colour.… Continue reading vision + temporary

summer + colour + control

summer flits over the horizon, air laden with the smell of fresh cut grass and shimmer of smog rising into nothingness.   summer's colours are designated blue and green, painted the brightest that can still be seen. sometimes, it's almost unbearable.   the weather softens, harsh brightness fading into soft blue and murky green, all… Continue reading summer + colour + control