vision + temporary

early morning haze temporarily blocks my vision. there's a soft layer of ice over my surroundings, stuck there with sleep.   through the windows the horizon is distorted. condensation runs down the glass, helped by the sun as it's rising, shining weak heat.   the world outside is blurred, a mess of lines and colour.… Continue reading vision + temporary


Stellar and Lunar: 7 January

It's been another of those sneaky short weeks. My brain has been tricked into thinking it's the weekend now, and it's actually Thursday. Today, I gave into the temptation and began mapping out a new novel, despite having two drafts hanging around the computer and plans to cowrite a third with a friend. Still don't know… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 7 January

Tricksy Stuff

My brain does strange things, sometimes, and this is one such occasion. I've still not been able to make sense of this, so perhaps if I write about it, it will magically snap into some form of Logical Stuff. (Or, you know, it would make for an awesome scene in a novel) Personally, I'm betting… Continue reading Tricksy Stuff

Time Warp

I'd accelerate buses. Waiting for them, and the actual being on them - the other day, for instance, I waited half an hour for a bus. In the rain. You see, it was one of the one-every-half-hour ones, and I narrowly missed the other one. This is all quite apt for next week: I am… Continue reading Time Warp

A Trick

Once upon a time, I came upon the idea of a poem for food. Or something. I'm going to apply that to Halloween. In a lollies-free house, the kiddies would have to subject me to a recitation of Literature. Shakespeare, for instance. I don't generally startle easily, and so I would be shocked to find a couple of… Continue reading A Trick


it's a night to realize. cold air spills from the open fridge jolting me awake. my thoughts run clearer now, though the spell is temporary. harsh white light is blinding against the darkness of 3am. ease the door shut quietly, break the spell and sleep. it doesn't work like that though because now's a realization.… Continue reading idealized

The Zodiac According to Me

First up, I don't believe in horoscopes. I find it daft that a person's date of birth determines their character. In saying that though, this is right up my alley. My birthday is mid-June, and I'm kind of a mixed bag. With some people, I'm confident. With others, I'm shy. I might be happy to… Continue reading The Zodiac According to Me

Doppelganger Tales

This prompt is a little more on the nose than it realizes. See, I actually have a doppelganger already. I've probably told this tale a few times already, but here's the gist: A girl I knew in high school looked similar to me, and people mistook us for each other. We have both been out of… Continue reading Doppelganger Tales

Colour Schemes

I can't begin to imagine the world dulled to one colour. Nor can I imagine having colour restricted to one patch of the world - watching thirty minutes of a TV episode in black and white is quite enough for me. And even then, it was because the black-and-white was a hallucination: the episode began… Continue reading Colour Schemes