silk + skin + athletic

athletic frame draped in silk, a second skin, waits for fabric to warm.   perfume is absorbed into the fibres, starting to take own its shape.   the dress is packed up already coming alive with its new owner.

vision + temporary

early morning haze temporarily blocks my vision. there's a soft layer of ice over my surroundings, stuck there with sleep.   through the windows the horizon is distorted. condensation runs down the glass, helped by the sun as it's rising, shining weak heat.   the world outside is blurred, a mess of lines and colour.… Continue reading vision + temporary

spring + fresh + purple

the coil of wire shrinks, folded up as the door shuts blocking out the sun.   warm air swirls in through a window, left open as fresh baking cools down.   pastries are served up on a purple plate, chipped at one edge, and tea's poured.

the hideout (400)

for the first five years she tries to build herself a hideout, tries to hollow out space in a tree for a shed to hide; tries to slip into the depths of the forest and blend into the scenery. none of it ever works, she never feels quite right in the hidey-spaces she's stealing from… Continue reading the hideout (400)

The Wrimo

Last night, as I lay awake thanks to the humidity, I had an idea. Lately I've been thinking that I was accidentally, and quite unintentionally, writing a prequel to my murder-mystery NaNoWriMo. Only, something in the dark of midnight, or the recesses of my mind, inspired this new idea. (I blame the cold meds; I've… Continue reading The Wrimo

Stellar and Lunar: 7 January

It's been another of those sneaky short weeks. My brain has been tricked into thinking it's the weekend now, and it's actually Thursday. Today, I gave into the temptation and began mapping out a new novel, despite having two drafts hanging around the computer and plans to cowrite a third with a friend. Still don't know… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 7 January

Tricksy Stuff

My brain does strange things, sometimes, and this is one such occasion. I've still not been able to make sense of this, so perhaps if I write about it, it will magically snap into some form of Logical Stuff. (Or, you know, it would make for an awesome scene in a novel) Personally, I'm betting… Continue reading Tricksy Stuff

Time Warp

I'd accelerate buses. Waiting for them, and the actual being on them - the other day, for instance, I waited half an hour for a bus. In the rain. You see, it was one of the one-every-half-hour ones, and I narrowly missed the other one. This is all quite apt for next week: I am… Continue reading Time Warp

A Trick

Once upon a time, I came upon the idea of a poem for food. Or something. I'm going to apply that to Halloween. In a lollies-free house, the kiddies would have to subject me to a recitation of Literature. Shakespeare, for instance. I don't generally startle easily, and so I would be shocked to find a couple of… Continue reading A Trick