Progress, Of a Sort

Well, you guys, the job applications have been marching on. Or, I don't know about marching, but I've been finding things and applying for them, so... I guess they're sort of limping? Or they're walking up a mountain, but it's a bit rocky and it's rained recently, so it's a bit slow-going. (And I wish it… Continue reading Progress, Of a Sort

Sneaking Back to Internet

So much for posting every day, as I intended to thirteen days ago. In my defence, I went from my job-seeker course straight to a placement for work experience and the alphabet has been rearranged. Did you guys know that? I didn't. I've spent over forty hours in a library this week, which is a bibliophile's… Continue reading Sneaking Back to Internet

Literary Rain

Me, a reading dry spell? Good luck with that. You see, I basically read every day. Even if it's just a trashy novel, or a skinny paperback that I won't remember two years from now - I read. You'd probably do better to ask what book I read yesterday (or today, actually, time is plentiful at… Continue reading Literary Rain

A Countryside Mansion

I have a lot of plans for this mansion I've just inherited.To begin with, I will ensure the outside is secure. It will be very bricky, and the windows will have cream coloured shutters to contrast with the darkness of the bricks. So will the front door.I'm going to have a lot of modern amenities.… Continue reading A Countryside Mansion

The Most Desperate of Desires

OK.I confess here and now. I like books, a lot. I could quite happily spend the day browsing online and buying books in all their shiny newness, waiting to be worn-in with pages of words. I just purchased one new book, though it's three plays in one book so I don't feel too bad. Not to… Continue reading The Most Desperate of Desires