2016: A Writing Review

Ah, 2016. I figured I'd run a review of the last year, look at how things have changed with regards to writing and personal-ish things. So my year's key points, as brief as I can keep them: Jobs left: 2. One was, admittedly, the temp-contract-ending kind of deal. I was sorry to leave yesterday. NaNoWriMo: Yes.… Continue reading 2016: A Writing Review

Tabula Rasa

I'm actively kind of surprised at myself, that I have't already used this as a blog title... well, today's not a creative sort of day. I've been all at odds and ends and my computer successfully aggravated me to no end tonight, so here we are. Last night, thanks to The Roadworks, I managed to… Continue reading Tabula Rasa

Vignette (6)

A young woman is hunched over her computer. She alternates between taking her headphones off and slipping them on. There's an open Word document and she types fast, so fast that errors litter the page, a veritable written battleground. Squiggly red lines and littler green lines are everywhere. She doesn't pause to run corrections. Instead,… Continue reading Vignette (6)

A Day Spent Elsewhere

I spent today hiking. There were boats involved, and a slightly worrying wrong turn wherein my co-hiker and I scrambled to be unlost. My mind latched on to something I was saying somewhere around the second field of rock, and won't let go. It thinks the idea wants to be a poem, but my brain… Continue reading A Day Spent Elsewhere

Creation of a Fabulist

Flash Fiction July, 12 I'm a fabulist. I pretend this is my confession, but I'm saying these words to someone who doesn't even know the word, if the blank look on her face is anything to go by. She's smiling in a sort of vague way, as if unsure whether she ought to be complimenting or… Continue reading Creation of a Fabulist

the forest cottage (400)

the windows dominate the room. it's no accident; i had the room designed this way exactly for that purpose. it's kind of a small room, not unlike the fabled attic at the top of the tower, but it suits me exactly. four years ago, when i collected a few bags of notebooks and canvases, crammed… Continue reading the forest cottage (400)

The Wrimo

Last night, as I lay awake thanks to the humidity, I had an idea. Lately I've been thinking that I was accidentally, and quite unintentionally, writing a prequel to my murder-mystery NaNoWriMo. Only, something in the dark of midnight, or the recesses of my mind, inspired this new idea. (I blame the cold meds; I've… Continue reading The Wrimo

The Plot Thickens

This is the mystery I wrote for NaNoWriMo - I've been working on enhancing the plot and giving it a bit more direction before I dig back into writing the thing further. (And, you know, laying the foundation work for a sequel - or several) So. My main character is more solid, I know her… Continue reading The Plot Thickens

Tricksy Stuff

My brain does strange things, sometimes, and this is one such occasion. I've still not been able to make sense of this, so perhaps if I write about it, it will magically snap into some form of Logical Stuff. (Or, you know, it would make for an awesome scene in a novel) Personally, I'm betting… Continue reading Tricksy Stuff