Introducing: Intangible

No, I didn't write another book. Not yet. Instead, Intangible is my new series on Channillo, a sort of web serial thing in which the creators are supported by the payments made on series subscriptions. To date, I've released three poems there. The first is a short piece called measure by measure and ponders the ways in… Continue reading Introducing: Intangible


tracing paper

the sketchbook is splayed across the table, thin gauzy papers stacked in a bundle several inches tall. the pages have worn smooth, soft, as if from years of being handled and rehandled; the cover stained with a coffee splash and various ink scribbles from testing pens. it's an imitation of paper at this stage, lightly… Continue reading tracing paper

A Mid-Year Update

I know, it's not exactly mid-year anymore. Not properly, that ship sailed weeks ago, but last night I sat down and covered two sides of A4 paper in unnaturally-neat writing, spanning an Ultimate List of Things for 2017. I have prepared for several things, the first of which is considering ditching Letters to Euturpe, and the last of… Continue reading A Mid-Year Update

day 115

i'm uninspired tonight. recently i created a new list, tucked into an app i use. i pretend the app keeps me organized but it really doesn't. anyway, the list. i gave it a good title and placed it in its alphabetical spot. then i filled it in with fifteen new ideas for poems. tonight, when… Continue reading day 115

Over Coffee (40)

If we were having coffee, I'd be there a little early, trying to dodge the sunlight. It's early for a Saturday morning, and the weather is so bright, one of those lovely clear crisp autumn days. I've got a new pair of wrist-warmer-glove things on, do you like them? I recently acquired a knitting loom and… Continue reading Over Coffee (40)

Over Coffee (34)

If we were having coffee it'd be an at home deal. I don't trust this weather so I'm trying to avoid venturing out into it. Shame really, I was in the mood for a proper cafe coffee. It's been bizarrely cold lately, considering it's the middle of summer, and right now it's almost 10 p.m.… Continue reading Over Coffee (34)

The Motor is Running

My mind's in that state again. The special one where I have trouble writing anything new, but have ideas constantly churning through. This afternoon I listened to one new song and it sparked off a new idea. Sometimes I really wonder about the way my brain works. Anyway. I don't have much inspiration to really write… Continue reading The Motor is Running