Introducing: Intangible

No, I didn't write another book. Not yet. Instead, Intangible is my new series on Channillo, a sort of web serial thing in which the creators are supported by the payments made on series subscriptions. To date, I've released three poems there. The first is a short piece called measure by measure and ponders the ways in… Continue reading Introducing: Intangible

Day 4: A Quick Reflection

I know. I said I wasn't going to do so many of these, but I decided it's a necessary bit of slack I need to cut for the first week of the year. The way my brain feels right now is kind of like the weather outside my window: storm-tossed, a bit windy and going… Continue reading Day 4: A Quick Reflection

The New Year

So. I'm back from my hiatus - the unannounced self-imposed thing wherein I went silent for an undetermined period of time. It's now 2018. Here are the way things are: I'm waiting to hear back about a job. The process sort of ran away and dragged on over Christmas, and is still running. I'm hopeful to… Continue reading The New Year

Over Coffee (54)

If we were having coffee, I'd be pondering various things. It's almost November, so I'm in the middle of November prep. I know, it used to be called NaNoPrep, but I've scheduled in a lot of work for the month, so it needed to be reclaimed. Writing work, I mean. So far I've managed to… Continue reading Over Coffee (54)

The Plotting Begins

I'm back. Last week (or was it the week before?) I spent a lot of time in the writing mode. I still don't quite know what happened but I produced five poems, two chapters of fanfiction (just for fun these days), at least one flash fiction... Oh, and I seem to have taken to plotting my… Continue reading The Plotting Begins

More Knitting Adventures

My brain is still wired to socks right now. I'm about 10 rows away from casting off the one I'm working on, and then I just have to seam it. I've just surfaced from the Word document I have open, wherein I'm adding ideas and certainly not writing down combinations to later begin designing socks.… Continue reading More Knitting Adventures

Over Coffee (51)

At least... I think this is number 51. It's been quite a while. Anyway, it's Saturday, and it's getting on for midnight, and I have been oddly busy today. Went out and voted, did chores and shopping, then Etsying. So. Let's have a midnight coffee, I'm sure that won't go wrong in any way. Do… Continue reading Over Coffee (51)