winter haze (400)

the city is indecisive tonight. late-evening sunlight glitters weakly off a myriad of glass, a maze of cars and buildings and filters through thin lace curtains. in the not-so far-off  distance, there's a series of factories and houses all burning fires. smoke rises, hangs heavy and congested in the air, curls into the buildings themselves… Continue reading winter haze (400)


Vignette (4)

There's a house-cafe on the street corner. It's incongruously placed in the middle of the city,  where you expect to find tall office buildings and functional apartment blocks - not so much a two-storey house with a front yard and parking space. In front, in the yard is a mini-cart. It's not unlike a street cart,… Continue reading Vignette (4)


Flash Fiction July, 17 The city skyline takes a while to arise from the horizon; it always does, just as I've driven over the last bridge to my destination. Every time, I'm struck by how it appears to be a magic trick: one minute it isn't there, and the next minute it is, just as… Continue reading Outlined

meandering (400)

on the third saturday of every second month, i have a routine. i arise at dawn, prepare from scratch dough for bread. while i count the petals of the flowers i ordered online, the dough sits in a hot water cupboard and rises, enough for baking. all of this is done in silence, the only… Continue reading meandering (400)

NaPoWriMo 20 (fog)

walking through the city: it's six a.m. on a chill winter day. fog abounds, i can't see more than thirty metres down the road. isolated - it's a public holiday. the cold brushes over me ignoring my fashionable jacket. the sky remains violet as one car swooshes past. gone, into the fog. disappearing in a… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 20 (fog)


I think the Daily Prompt elves are trying minimalism today? I don't like it. I do, however, like the prompt - I surmise that they are asking for my preference on the places they have listed. First off, forests: I dislike them, because who knows what creepy-crawlies live there. Also, despite the fact that I'm… Continue reading Places

The Hidden Road

I'm not generally one to get lost. I can navigate myself around quite well. Give me street names and landmarks and if I'm familiar with the area I can deliver you to the door, if I'm so inclined.So this one time, I found out about a bookstore. I guess you'd call it a 'mom and pop… Continue reading The Hidden Road

On Coming Home

When I was twelve, we'd just returned to City X after several years away. 'We' is my parents and I. I turned twelve a few months after the move, actually. My schoolmates marked the day in a fairly different way to my old school - it was very quiet. The other school had done a communal… Continue reading On Coming Home

Refusal to Clone

Well, the prompt wants me to clone something from somewhere else and bring it to my hometown.I refuse. Here's a thing my English lecturer once said: that influence is immoral, because then the influencee is never truly forming their own sense of self. Granted it was in relation to a novel but the principle I… Continue reading Refusal to Clone