Vignette (7)

the ground is still hot to the touch, ivy burnt off the exterior walls and red bricking now scorch-black and gray. this was her doing, her playing at being the mad wife shut up in the attic without ever thinking about how to pull it off. curtains have been torn from the window-rail, flung out the window… Continue reading Vignette (7)


Flash Fiction July, 28 The walls have ghosts, it's the first thing she notices when she moves in. The manor is square, all clean sharp lines and matching geometry. Symmetry, to the point that if a light in the west wing flickers a light in the east. The walls talk, she's sure of it, and… Continue reading Wanderings

Contemplation of a Manor

Flash Fiction July, 5. Sometimes I see the house. It normally appears on the nights that I haven't taken anything promoting sleep, haven't done anything more than light a candle when readying for bed. Some nights, I complete a ritual before sleep, and it doesn't do anything for my dreams. Tonight, I've only burned down the… Continue reading Contemplation of a Manor