Absence From Writing

For Day 9 of Writing 101 I've thrown all caution to the wind, chucked the schedule out the window and torn up my imaginary guidelines. I decided to simply do this thing out of order, partially for my own amusement when I come back and have to reassess which ones I haven't done. Also, I… Continue reading Absence From Writing

The Travelling Writer

For Day 6 of Writing 101. I am not a fussy person about where I write. I have been able to write in a noisy cafe, where there are a couple dozen other people all talking and with the cafe noises - you know, cutlery and coffee machines and what-have-you. I wish I was the person… Continue reading The Travelling Writer

Ensnared By A Quote

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. I don't really have a wonderful quote-finding story to give you guys. I just kind of wandered over to Goodreads, not really knowing they had a quotes section, and scanned through. (I really should make better use of that… Continue reading Ensnared By A Quote

Reasons to Write

Okay, I'm setting the timer for fifteen minutes. Then, it's back to NaNoWriMo. I've probably answered this question at least once before, but I think it bears repeating - especially as I've since come up with my latest and possibly most honest answer. I write because it means taking my place in the world. Essentially,… Continue reading Reasons to Write

Blogging 201: Day 6

Well, you guys, I like to think I'm slightly on top of things today. Slightly, that is. We're to pick a social media outlet: I'm already utilizing two. My top preference for all posts is Twitter, because it's more fun to me than Facebook. I like Twitter because I feel that I can post more on… Continue reading Blogging 201: Day 6

Blogging 201: The Audit

So we're on Day 2 of Blogging 201 - at least I am. I am bound to be perpetually one day behind. Today, I'm looking at how I've begun to build the brand of my blog in the last year. These two things are particular to the last twelve months: I established a Twitter page… Continue reading Blogging 201: The Audit

Blogging 201: Day 1

Hi all! So this is, admittedly, my second post of the day (could in fact have been fourth, but I decided to be sensible and create A Plan) and it's also a bit of a confession: I have done Blogging 201 before. However, I'm not trying to dredge up Ye Olde Bloge Posts. I'm redoing it… Continue reading Blogging 201: Day 1

The 400 Words

I don’t know what to write, really. I feel like I’ve covered a lot of the usual topics by now. I could go on a bit more about exams and all that, but I did that the other day.Free-writing is not my thing. Last time I did this someone commented on how organized my thoughts… Continue reading The 400 Words

Fears and Loathings

I'm not usually one to be afraid. Actually, when I read the challenge I was hard-pressed to think of something I fear.I have a lot of dislikes, but disliking something isn't the same as fearing it - or even being paranoid. I have a long dislike of vegetable peelers, for instance, and there's a reason… Continue reading Fears and Loathings

Taken Over By Corporations

Alright, I don't have an actual event to draw upon. My hometown is a bit big for an annual fair, as far as I know. Instead, there's the nearby pools. Two years ago the entrance was free. They promised, on their website, to provide a place for people to work out and socialize and be healthy,… Continue reading Taken Over By Corporations