An Update, An Announcement

Hello. Been a while. Did you cut your hair? I haven't blogged on here in ages, and you might have noticed posts disappearing from here. I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do with writing, and crafting, and blogging, and the whole nine yards. I thought, after finally making plans, I'd come… Continue reading An Update, An Announcement

Introducing: Intangible

No, I didn't write another book. Not yet. Instead, Intangible is my new series on Channillo, a sort of web serial thing in which the creators are supported by the payments made on series subscriptions. To date, I've released three poems there. The first is a short piece called measure by measure and ponders the ways in… Continue reading Introducing: Intangible

Day 4: A Quick Reflection

I know. I said I wasn't going to do so many of these, but I decided it's a necessary bit of slack I need to cut for the first week of the year. The way my brain feels right now is kind of like the weather outside my window: storm-tossed, a bit windy and going… Continue reading Day 4: A Quick Reflection

The New Year

So. I'm back from my hiatus - the unannounced self-imposed thing wherein I went silent for an undetermined period of time. It's now 2018. Here are the way things are: I'm waiting to hear back about a job. The process sort of ran away and dragged on over Christmas, and is still running. I'm hopeful to… Continue reading The New Year

2 November: Update

Okay. So this post was actually going to be a mystery to me and I was trawling for inspiration on the list of following and what have you. It wasn't clicking, whatever "it" may be. Then I espied the Daily Prompt, which is mystery. Huh. How do they know what I'm doing? Right now I'm in… Continue reading 2 November: Update

Over Coffee (54)

If we were having coffee, I'd be pondering various things. It's almost November, so I'm in the middle of November prep. I know, it used to be called NaNoPrep, but I've scheduled in a lot of work for the month, so it needed to be reclaimed. Writing work, I mean. So far I've managed to… Continue reading Over Coffee (54)

The Plotting Begins

I'm back. Last week (or was it the week before?) I spent a lot of time in the writing mode. I still don't quite know what happened but I produced five poems, two chapters of fanfiction (just for fun these days), at least one flash fiction... Oh, and I seem to have taken to plotting my… Continue reading The Plotting Begins