Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 11

Hey everyone!

So I was going to keep this brief, but I came up with the prompts based on my workday and therefore I would like to tell you a story first. Okay?


The day was a bit slow; make that really slow. When you think ‘call centre’ you think busy, you think phones ringing. (Well, I do anyway. Maybe you don’t) For some reason, it wasn’t like that. We started the day with a decent amount, but then the calls slowed. And they slowed. I came back from lunch and could tell precisely how many new calls had been through. After that, I calculated how many calls there had been to the hour. Then, I calculated how many that made per minute.

In case you didn’t know this, I am bad at maths.

I had the time to come up with an entire premise for two novels based on the thing I wrote in November, plus at least one short story. I meditated quietly on (in no particular order) psychology, law, money and value. At one point I did get a call and lost my train of thought, but that was no great concern. I likened the waiting process to something along these lines: you have a giant tin of golden syrup, and you want to funnel it into a bottle. The only way to do so is by puncturing the lid with one small gap.

Do you know how slow golden syrup moves?

This is heavy. If you drop it, expect either bruises, breakage or dents. Photo credit

Very slowly, in case you wondered.

(I’d put in a Waiting For Godot meme here, but I can’t find any I like)

Hm, this is wordy now. I’ll wrap it up.

This week on Stellar and Lunar, Jessica of brought us a few playful kitty doodlesThey’re cute, they’re friendly and they make me want to find a cat for cuddles.

Your new challenge (July 30) is Velocity OR Value. For bonus cookies, you could combine both.

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