Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 15

I’ve come to the conclusion that Thursday is the day I like least. Monday is a start to the week, so is Tuesday. Wednesday is a median between the days, and Friday is the slope to the weekend – which is, you know, the weekend. If you are me, the weekend is two days free of commuting.

Thursday just gets in the way.

This week on Stellar and Lunar, I prompted you all ‘Enduring’ or ‘Endurance’. We’ve got quite the poetic selection this week:

Nitin of Nitin Nair Writes (hey, welcome back!) brought us a short poem on enduring a secret thing. What he is enduring is a mystery, with half the story told. I personally thought it was a touch bittersweet, and a lovely poem for all that it hides the finer details.

Yen of Little Calico’s Journal shared a first acrostic poem which brought some personality to a satellite, reminding us that striking out on your own isn’t all fun and games.

Jessica from masterselftherapy shared a discussion of how to manage irritation and endure annoying things. It’s a neat step-by-step guide, narrowing what can be a tricky thing down into a few small easy pieces.

And lastly, a newcomer, on the intriguingly-titled weirdbuttrue contributed a short fiction about stars and salvation. It’s a very realistic tale – I absolutely thought it was a true story until the comments section which show that it’s fiction – one which includes an omen.

Your challenge for this week (August 27) is: Would you want to visit outer space? Why or why not? 


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