Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 6

It does not feel like it’s been six weeks since I started this up.

A bit of housekeeping: I have decided that this will now be expanded to non-fiction as well. Initially, I started it as a creative writing thing, but from now on you guys can contribute whatever you please, fiction or not. The only condition is it has to be centred around the sky: stars, moon, planets, galaxies. It’s up to you.

This week we have a couple of new contributors. Yen from Little Calico’s Journal contributed the first piece about the moon that I’ve seen since this opened up, highlighting the mystery and ever-changing nature of the moon. It’s beautifully done.

We also have the first non-fiction piece from solsdottir, providing some perspective on the moon and Pluto, plus a handful of links for further exploration.

Welcome aboard, you two!

Since this has been a week of firsts, both S&L and in real life (for me anyway) I’m going to give you guys a double dose of prompts. You can use either one, or combine them both.

Your new challenges (June 25) are:

  • Triumph and/or
  • Tell us about an astronomy first. It can be fact or fiction, imagined or historical. 

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