Stellar and Lunar: 16

It’s a Thursday that feels like a Friday and wants to be a Saturday.

This week on Stellar and Lunar… where did everyone go? Did people secretly contribute and I didn’t know? Or was it that there were contributions and in the middle of my work-haze I completely forgot? That has been known to happen, so if you did contribute just give me a yell with the link, and I will mend the fence of links.

It was oddly quiet. And lonely.

With this in mind, I’m running last week’s challenge again. Last week, I asked: Would you want to visit outer space? Why or why not?


4 thoughts on “Stellar and Lunar: 16”

  1. Oh my Sarah~~ I missed this week’s challenge again D:
    I guess the haze’s not only affecting you but me too as I seemed to lost track of time this week. I still thought today’s Wed and I gotta write your challenge but when I saw this post… 😮 oh my it’s Thursday already!!


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