Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 3

Hey people!

I’m sure I don’t know where the time is going. I forgot completely that it’s Thursday, but blame the fact that I’ve been zipping around going to interviews and little meetings and whatnot. Even as I write I’m awaiting a call from the woman at the agency to determine what happens next for me.

Tomorrow’s hopefully going to be a bit less mad, which is always a nice end to the week.

This week we had a poem on fafe2 about the mystery of the stars. Reading it made me think of how we could spend the next century studying and learning about the stars, but we still might never completely understand them.

Nitin from Nitin Nair Writes also contributed a poem which has a bit of ambiguity to it: is the narrator dead or alive? It made me think of the night stars, how they’re so scattered and distributed across the sky that you could never collect them all.

Your new challenge (June 4) is Loss or Losing.


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