Stellar and Lunar Round Up: Week 1

Hey all!

I hope things are well with you. I had a job interview yesterday, I think it went alright.

I began my Stellar and Lunar blog event last week and had a handful of responses. I’m not going to try picking one out, because I enjoyed them all equally for different reasons. I hope I’ve not forgotten anyone, but if I have please let me know.

Jessica from brought us a psychology piece about dreams, sharing and recreating them.

Dajena of MoonSkittles contributed a poem about waiting and light. It’s a lovely piece, wistful and dreamy.

Nitin of Nitin Nair Writes also brought a poem, a tale of dreaming and loneliness and seeing someone in particular.

Your new challenge (week of May 21) is Reaching Out.

Feel free to drop by, bring us something starred or lunar and help yourself to the fridge. Also, welcome to any newcomers!


14 thoughts on “Stellar and Lunar Round Up: Week 1”

      1. I did not see any difference. I was talking about your Stellar and Lunar prompt page..


      2. So, you will fix this week’s right? I mean one post for “Dream Distance” (previous week prompt) and another for “Reaching Out” (this week’s prompt).. so a total of 2 posts under the S&L homepage.. right?


      3. I know the fix. Can I assist you please? Can we talk on mails so that I can send images on how to do it?


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