Stellar and Lunar Roundup: 5

Well, you guys, it’s been over a month since I began this little event. We’re still in early days, still laying the bricks and mortar and, uh… foundations? Do you lay foundations?

Either way, I’ve been scrambling all over town like a madwoman for interviews. I ran up about six in the past eight days, and my goodness it’s an arduous process. Yesterday I had a Big Scary Interview with a well-known company and I spent all day waiting as patiently as I know how for a result. It never came, so now I’m eyeing tomorrow.

This week Nitin of Nitin Nair Writes contributed a poem, a before-and-after sort of deal. It reminded me of “If you love something, set it free” which is one of my favourite concepts.

Also, Jessica from (hey, welcome back Jessica) contributed an article on improving your life, linking it to Shakespeare’s quote about how the onus is on us to be the captain of our destiny.


Your new prompt (June 18) is about perspective.

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