The Brainwave

Okay, so I puzzled over this for all of a minute before I decided on my best brainwave.

It wasn’t that I misunderstood the prompt: quite the opposite. I got it. I do a really good job of having brainwaves.

The problem lay in choosing it – and, incidentally, this led me to another one. See? My mind works in quite efficient ways, I think – it just quietly sits there observing and collecting information, and then it’ll be all “Okay here is the answer”.

I rather enjoy it.

Anyway, my thought tonight was that there is no best idea for me, because nine times out of ten I’m going to think a new idea is better than the last one was. I have a lot of ideas. Not all of them are good, but I like to think about the actual process of an idea. My thought process is scattered: I will have ideas on the bus; at 2am; sitting at work doing data input. You see how it goes.

Ideas hit me anywhere, any time. If you were to look at my iPod or mobile, you’d see drafts of fanfics, notes or number-titles. You’d see a plethora of times on the ones which have a date, literally at almost any point during a 24-hour period. Maybe you’d see a dozen ideas in an hour, sloppily typed in when one-third awake. I try to cull them, copy them into a notebook and delete – it’s like pulling weeds from the garden.

Oops, 83 notes again. Oops, ten tiny stories on the mobile.

So… yeah. I think I’m so busy with lots of smaller ideas that I’ve never really troubled about One Great Idea.

No worries. There’s time still.


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