The Brainwave

Okay, so I puzzled over this for all of a minute before I decided on my best brainwave. It wasn't that I misunderstood the prompt: quite the opposite. I got it. I do a really good job of having brainwaves. The problem lay in choosing it - and, incidentally, this led me to another one. See? My mind… Continue reading The Brainwave



it's a night to realize. cold air spills from the open fridge jolting me awake. my thoughts run clearer now, though the spell is temporary. harsh white light is blinding against the darkness of 3am. ease the door shut quietly, break the spell and sleep. it doesn't work like that though because now's a realization.… Continue reading idealized

Inspiration Runs Dry… Or Not

I don't think I can specify my best idea.Once upon a time I saw a NaNoWriMo poster. I decided to do it. The novel wasn't well-written, but it was fun. Another time I decided to carry on studying German. I was good at it, and it made for a good minor at university. True, I can't… Continue reading Inspiration Runs Dry… Or Not